Is IPSEC restrcted on some ISP's networks?

By Nonapeptide ·
I recently had someone mention that IPSEC is stopped from flowing over some ISP's networks. Specifically, someone said that Verizon Networks below business class restricts it. I couldn't find anything to substantiate that from a cursory Googling. Does anyone have any insight into this? Do foreign countries restrict the flow of IPSec or any other encrypted traffic over their backbone?


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by retro77 In reply to Is IPSEC restrcted on som ...

Some home based ISPs do restrict SMTP and IPSEC. They want you to get the more expensive, business class lines.

As far as countries, there are some that can't even get IPSEC hardware or software. But as far as blocking it, not sure.

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To me it just seems downright silly...

by Nonapeptide In reply to Some block IPSec in this day and age. I'm not a networking genius, but I didn't think that IPSec was any more of a burden than the other bits zooming through the hardware. Is it simply a scheme to make money or is there some technical reason for this?

BTW, I've done more searching and still no mention on the net of major carriers blocking IPSec.

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