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Is ISO really into standards?

By zoldello ·
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Whats the point of even making ODF a standard if you need another standard- OOXML that does everything it does.

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When USA wanted to change the constitution to take into account freedom of speech, civil rights and other needed changes; it did not create a new constitution but rather made admendments. Now, Microsoft needed to expand ODF to take into account many features lacking. Rather than admend ODF it created a relica of ODF with the additional feature and had ISO declare it a new standard. Whats the point of having ISO if things like this happen? This just creates jobs for middle-persons who have to create code to make ODF and OOXML interoperable in specific applications and give developers two "standards" to learn. This is JAVA and C#- no significant improvement between the languages and they do the same thing; all over again.

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