is it a dns problem?

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Hey guys.i have purchased one ibm x series server dual network adapter card with win 2k3 server installed & have a netgear router .now I want to setup a domin, which I already did but my problem is that my laptops is not able to ping my server.

Router ip.
Server ip
Laptop ip

With d same subnet mask. & my gateway is my router ip & Laptop dns is static

1) Can anybody tell me do I have to make any changes to the DNS configure by default so that my laptop can ping to my server & my server is pinging my laptop. Laptop is able to ping router but not server.

2) Sometimes my laptop ping the server but does not resole my domain name.

3) do I have to disable one LAN card option?or this is use for load balancing ?sorry guys dnt have any idea on dual card

So the problem is with server configuration or with my laptops. Is there is any changes I have to do to router .it is basicall GUI router by netgear.

Ny help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance to you guys 

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What are you doing with this server?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to is it a dns problem?

If it's to act as a Gateway you connect one NIC to the Router and the other to the Internal Network.

You then set the system to Auto Detect and if you have DCHP turned on at the Router turn it off at the Server.

Then run the Network Setup Wizard in 2003 and tell the unit that it connects directly tot he Internet and that other computers on the Network connect through it. That should solve the problem here if you are using the Server to act as a Gateway.

If you are just using the server as a Node on the LAN and connecting everything to the Router you need to disable DCHP on either the Server or Router and run the Network Setup Wizard as you would on a normal workstation. :0


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Were that

by santeewelding In reply to What are you doing with t ...

Other matters so easily disposable; the matters that enable your being here in the first place; the ones that give you a headache.

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Re: is it a dns problem

by prrethish In reply to is it a dns problem?

as u told u given the client ip manually
and server automatically by the router

So i thing u r ip address & dns server address is not configured properly in the client

if the server dns is assined by the router it will be the same as the router ip

so whenever u r server ping with client it will check name resolution with its dns address ie router it will ping

So make u r router as switch ie turn off dhcp in the router
after manually give the ip addres to all pcs
give the server dns as its ip address itself
hope this will work for u

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