Is it a good practice to have a different AV on your servers?

By lmalhoit Contributor ·
I'm just wondering if it's worth having a different antivirus solution on the user workstations than on the servers in a domain.

I guess I can see the case that you might get hit with a virus and even though one may not stop it the other AV solution might. Either way, though, you've got systems down.

Any thoughts?

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.02 cents....

by ---TK--- In reply to Is it a good practice to ...

No AV will stop everything... Any good & recent virus can and eventually will get in and exploit your systems... Unless you use Unix... which is besides the point...

Make sure you backup data as often as you can, and make sure you have a Very well documented Disaster Recover plan in place if in the event that you get nailed...

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Maybe/maybe not

by Choppit In reply to Is it a good practice to ...

If you consider that one product will work best for you on servers and a different one on clients then there's no reason why you shouldn't use both. Some things to throw into the mix before you make your final decision;

Manageability: Will separate solutions increase your support burden (updates/patching/upgrades etc)?

Cost: Is there a compelling financial argument for using the same vendor?

And while i can appreciate the argument that different solutions may provide more protection you also need to take into account that the threat vector would be different between workstation and servers.

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Is it a good practice to have a different AV on your servers

by saqfrd In reply to Is it a good practice to ...

Dear Imalhoit,

No Antivirus will stop everything...
Plan disaster recovery on the save site

Mac fee and Symantec are better Anti virus.

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