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Is it a Pardox..? or IMPOSSIBLE

By ronins66 ·
To create T1/e1 circuit / SDH ring between 2 softswitches (Notel and Siemens)
Is it possible..?
or my supervisor has gone crazy while doing researchs>>?

Well as i far as i know IP connection b/w Softswitches and E1/T1 connection b/w
Signaling points of SS7 or PSTN entities.. But this guy wants me to create a E1 circuit b/w above 2 soft switches(using optical or Electrical connection)

Also my work is here to create a SS7 Network in the Research Lab, compatible with
the simulated Cable Network and VoIP network for research purpose also with above 2 softswitches. As a FIRST STEP he wants me to do like above..

I am realy Naive / Novice and amateur here stuck with my Internship,
i am not going any further than this but checking mails and chatting and playing games

please some one give me a short / rough guidance..

Thanks in Advance


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Night on Bald Mountain

by santeewelding In reply to Is it a Pardox..? or IMPO ...

****, go for it. Worst you can do is create a black hole into which you suck us all.

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Well. <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Is it a Pardox..? or IMPO ...
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Nortel CS2k

by ronins66 In reply to Well. <nt>

this big computer box rings any bell.?
if so please please let me know the solution for the above..

and guys show me the way to solve this
not to the heaven or ****..! i got deadline and i will be ripped off from Internet, Cantine, video games and all luxury...


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Do or die, boy

by santeewelding In reply to Nortel CS2k

I hardly think it will be the end of it all, given your persistence.

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