is it a virus?

By jinfei01212003 ·
is thumbs.db a virus? or a worm? or a trojan horse?

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no :)

by david.wallis In reply to is it a virus?

its just a harmless windows file..

read more here..

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by jinfei01212003 In reply to no :)

okie. thanks for the info. im trying to delete it. but it keeps on coming back. again thanks

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You have hidden files

by IC-IT In reply to okie

set to "show hidden files". It reappears due to the graphics viewer gathering a database of thumbnails.
If you turn off show hidden files it will disappear.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to is it a virus?
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'Virus hype' is already way out of control ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to is it a virus?

I'm seeing an alarming increase in the 'Quick, I've got a virus - I killed it but now my system doesn't work any more!' attitude to computer maintenance.

There appears to be a wave of concern streaming through the computer-owning population, where Users discover a file that they don't recognise - instantly 'deciding' it must be a virus - becoming ****-bent on decimating this file.

I've seen this type of euphoria for over 20 years: whenever a User becomes competent enough to read data at file level.

Thank God for the inherent safety of system files reproducing themselves whenever deleted.

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Common problem until security set properly

by mjd420nova In reply to is it a virus?

One of my contractors had this happen with at least a dozen out of over 600 machines a week. Finally took away users ability to download files or view hidden files. They had a real rash of users who thought they knew what they were doing and started deleting stuff just because it didn't sound right. Once a user didn't recognize the IEXPLORE file and then couldn't get on the web. TOO BAD.

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