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is it against policy to send registered app users offers via email?

By Local911 ·
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As we all know Apple, and Google takes 30% of in-app purchases but what if I send offers to users that already registered to my app via email. Will I be able to bypass the 30% without risking my app being removed from the App Store and google playstore?
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Re: email

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to is it against policy to s ...

I don't think it's a problem. You don't have to pay those 30% if they buy via their browser in your webshop in stead of via your app.
But it's kind of strange to have an app and stimulate its users to not use it.

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by Local911 In reply to Re: email

See what I mean is that when they register to my app when they download it on registration I can send them an email informing them about our packages and offers. along with the confirmation email. The email will say click here to confirm your email, and with that email, since they need to confirm their email to use the app the upsell will be there. I can say something like purchasing the plan for a 30% off.

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"my app"

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to re

Why not put such offers right into the app?

Email is very dead here. Everyone I know has heavy spam filters.

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