Is it better to go thru Vista to get to Windows 7?

By jsbollinger ·
I have a licensed copy of Vista that I never installed on my XP-SP3 machine. Would it be a better move to upgrade from XP to Vista and then move from Vista to Windows 7 rather than the leap from XP to 7?

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Personally I'd favour a clean install straight to Windows 7..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is it better to go thru V ...

I suggest this for the simple fact ~(Incoming !!)~ that I have never liked 'upgrades' simply to save a few quid.

IMHO - Users always end up with more problems after they've saved some money by 'doing an upgrade'. Remnants from the old OS seem to appear from time to time, in the new OS, bringing about all manner of unfathomable, hitherto unseen (and in some cases indiscernable) gremlins. A clean install would clear all this up, but of course, having 'upgraded' - the option of a truly clean install is never available due to the unending swapping of different install discs just to reinstall 'from scratch'.

Buy a full Windows 7 install, like I've done.

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Is it better to go thru Vista to get to Windows 7?

by balge In reply to Is it better to go thru V ...

personally - no
If you want 7 do a clean install
or keep XP
why use Vista? unless that's all you have, I would just keep XP on

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I dont trust MS OS upgrades, always gone wrong on

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Is it better to go thru V ...

me at some point. Back up your stuff, clean install of vista, the w7 upgrade might work, if you do a default vista install.

XP upgrade to Vista, sp1 (at least I understand), then W7, cross everything. If you try it, back up everything you might lose, make sure you have all your product keys and so forth anyway. Otherwise you could be a very sorry person, if w7 cracks up on you.

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Personally I would opt for a New Clean Install

by OH Smeg In reply to Is it better to go thru V ...

I just do not trust any M$ Upgrade option as they create way too much junk on the HDD that will cause problems latter.

Then depending on what you are upgrading to and from you may not have the option to Upgrade without a New Install.

Some versions of 7 require that you Perform a Clean Install when Upgrading form XP and Vista. So if you switch to Vista Ultimate you need to wipe and reload when moving to 7.

Similarly if you chose to install a 64 Bit version of 7 which you should and have been running a 32 Bit Version of XP and or Vista you need to wipe and reload to install the 64 Bit OS.

These days with the 32 Bit Memory Limit and other factors it is pointless to consider 32 Bit OS's for something that can and will be able to load more that 4 GIG of RAM. Gone are the days of using 8 MEG Video Cards and 64 MEG System Memory to have a super fast computer. These days 4 GIG is a small Memory Load and that is more that any 32 Bit OS can use.


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Clean Install, But

by TheChas In reply to Is it better to go thru V ...

I also chime in for the clean install. As others have stated, the clean install will set you up with a more stable and reliable system.

I have also noticed stability differences from a clean install of Windows with a service pack rolled in as compared to installing the service pack separately.

Before you even start your install, run the Windows 7 readiness tool and make sure that you don't need to change or upgrade your system.

Better to find out before you start rather than in the middle of an install.

You might even want to identify your hardware and download the manufactures Windows 7 drivers ahead of time.


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Clean install needed......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Is it better to go thru V ...

You might want to take a look at this site. MS says you can't upgrade from XP, although I haven't tried it to be sure.

The last paragraph says:

"...And while we don't recommend it, should you choose to upgrade your current PC from Windows XP or another operating system to Windows 7, we recommend that you get help with this process from your local computer service provider. You'll need to back up your current files and settings, perform a custom (clean) installation, and then reinstall your files, settings, and programs."

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Windows 7

by Nimmo In reply to Is it better to go thru V ...

I'd move straight to Windows 7, I've just installed the final release of 7 and moved away from Vista.

At the moment a lot of our clients use both XP and Vista but we are not recommending buying any new PC's until October 22 when 7 is RTM.

Either way Vista or 7 is a bit of a learning curve because of their new looking layouts, but from experience I say wait for 7.

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