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Is IT degenerating into a field where idiots rule?

I dont know about the rest of the world but IT in New Zealand is degenerating into a field where people think anyone can do IT. People dont recognise the skill and training that goes into a degree in IT and would rather trust MCSE which is not even NZQA accredited so in truth is not a qualification.

People seem to trust the advice of idiots these days. No research is done by technicians on the products they sell, they just sell the product they sell cos.
Ask a technician why he/she sells x antivirus and 99% of the time the response is because the x antivirus company is big or because it is good, no research done on the product just go by gut feeling, how utterly and totally pathetic is that. And that is just scraping the surface.
Case in example - true story
Large company in NZ (over 250 pc's per loc, several locs), uses large IT company in NZ to support its IT infrastructure, relys on this company for advice and providing the neccessary IT infrastructure. When we did our case study on the large company last year they had no network monitoring software for thier LAN, MAN or WAN, poor av, protocols bouncing from one side of thier lan to the other causing it to eat network bandwidth for lunch, Windows servers where Linux/Unix would have done the job better, I dont know about you lot but I have had a real gutsful of IT companies saying they can provide a service but all they do is cost thier clients money and dont do a good job about it.

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Methinks the problem's worse...

by ApolloCDR In reply to Is IT degenerating into a ...

Here the main problem is not the capability of the individuals in the I.T. department, but the total lack of comprehension of most of Management as to how much money and time it takes to keep everything pulled together.

We're operating with less than 1% of total Revenue as budget and are expected to not only keep everything running, but implement mass projects like Active Directory as well. If every day wasn't such a hair-on-fire panic, it would be funny.

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If I didn't know better,

I'd swear you were describing our company.

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Hair On Fire Panics

by CodeBubba In reply to If I didn't know better,

Yeah ... describes us to a "T". Incidentally - people wonder why I no longer have hair on the top of my head!

-CB :-)

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by stargazerr In reply to Hair On Fire Panics

All our companies sail in the same boat....and all off us live the same hair raising (or is the word plucking off???) lives....

and people go about asking...What do techie guys do all day anyway ?? )

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What do techies do all day, anyway?

by maelorin In reply to Actually....

If we don't tell our 'clients'/'consumers' (whatever the new _in_ word is) what we do for them, how will they ever know?

We *cannot* rely on management to tell them. This thread is about the cluelessness of most management.

We have to be our own PR agents. I don't mean bore them senseless with technical details. We need to talk to the people we are working with/for and treat *their* problems just as seriously as we do our own.

I'm not suggesting we don't already do this, but all too often I walk into a workplace and discover it's practically ICT v Everyone in a smackdown contest.

If something cannot be done in ten minutes, tell them why - what you have to do and how long it will _probably_ take. Double emphasis if you have to leave something before it's finished to deal with another problem. Tell them why, make sure they know you consider their problem important, and try to give them an idea of when you'll be back - or how they can find out.

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not the whole story

by computeach247 In reply to What do techies do all da ...

This works with to a small extent and with a very select few users. I make it a point of never to leave without fully testing any changes, and a true attempt to explain what the changes are: rarely every helps!!

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ding..ding..ding. We have a winner

by pz0r56 In reply to not the whole story

Users and management don't want explanations. Explanations are viewed as excuses. They don't want to have to think about anything they believe should be an IT issue - even when it really requires a user decision. They resent having to lower themselves to admit that IT actually understands their business better than they do themselves.

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..mine too

by ewilson1313 In reply to Methinks the problem's wo ...

That's scary! and I thought I just landed with a "bad" company....

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Sure Blame IT for it ...

by Loki201183 In reply to ..mine too

With the Shoe String Budgets and A$$ on fire work people expect the IT dept (read Techies) to answer the questions like Why do we use this Antivirus and not THAT ...
Well we could answer ... The reason is that this is cheaper that that one !!!

IT depts generally have to deal with multiple deployments at the same time ... eg .. just last week we had to implement Antivirus, Domain .. Internet Domains ... etc ...

Well all this costs money ... (For upgrading as the company needs grow)... which has committies to decide ... but a new water cooler would arrive in a day or two once someone says it is needed

People do not think of all this and expect techies to explain in detail the reason WHY DID WE USE THIS PARTICULAR ANTIVIRUS ????

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B.S. and Marketing

by richards_unsubcribe In reply to Sure Blame IT for it ...

Sadly, it's not what you know it's who you know that gets the big account... this is the same as why we techies seem to get all the idiot managers... they might not know much but they do know that to get anywhere they hafta get their noses brown.

We have to market out ideas and ourselves... and be proactive in the workplace. If something isn't working say so and document it. Be firm... if X antivirus isn't working, document it and ask for a different brand... if everything is limping along ... suggest a better way.. and do it in writing.

Talk is cheap... action commands attention.

Unfortunatly that brown nosing manager will be quick to blame everyone but himself when the proverbial shi*t hits the fan after a major failure or security breach.

So you have to protect yourself... if your having trouble be professional... mention it in a memo... then letter... then by letter with copies to "higher ups" and so on... If your working in a poisoned work environment.. time to get the heck out.. start sending out those resume's (or CV's) while your still working.

Richard in Canada

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