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Is it ever right to yell?

By kphayes710 ·
Recently I was in charge of a network installation project. I had a small team working for me and one of the members started distracting and "fooling" around not doing the work I had assigned to them. I raised my voice when I asked her to stop messing around and get back to work and some of the other members of the team pulled me aside afterwards. They told me I should appologize to the other member and that I had no right to "Yell" at her. I didn't see myself as yelling just being stern with her to get her to start working, so I didn't appologize. Am I wrong to have rose my voice with her and should I appologize for it? Is there ever an acceptable time to yell at an employee?

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by maecuff In reply to Is it ever right to yell?

And I know I will get disagreement on this. But, I do not think it is EVER appropriate for one adult to yell at another. I think that a person in a position of authority who yells is abusing that position.

I don't think there is a damn thing wrong with voicing disapproval or disappointment, but I don't think yelling is EVER appropriate. Subordinates DESERVE respect. Those of us in management earn respect.

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"Subordinates DESERVE respect" - some, not all

by Absolutely In reply to No

Whether you "should" have yelled or "should" apologize is your issue to work out in court, but I believe that adults DESERVE disrespect when they forget to behave as adults, and that they should be dismissed from their jobs the first time they do so while contractually obligated to another person or group to do productive work. Unfortunately, the recent trend in law is to increasingly support the foolish premise that an employee has all the same rights to "self expression" at work as in their own home.

Since the original request was for advice, I'd say provide warnings in a normal conversation voice, and when you feel it's necessary to yell, instead begin the process to dismiss the employee, because none of us needs employees who are productive only under duress.

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If an employee

by maecuff In reply to "Subordinates DESERVE res ...

is not performing, then they should be discplined in accordance with company policy. That does not mean that they do not deserve to be treated with respect. Of course they do. It is my opinion, that as a manager, I am obligated to treat my employees with respect, anything less would be an abuse of my position. If they respect me, it is because I have earned their respect.

I have very successful and productive team.

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I agree with that.

by Absolutely In reply to If an employee

" a manager, I am obligated to treat my employees with respect, anything less would be an abuse of my position."

Which doesn't mean that those individuals DESERVE respect, but that one is required to treat them with respect anyway. Those that prove unworthy of respect subsequently get fired, but never treated with unprofessional discourtesy. Displays of unchecked emotion indicate poor self-control, a trait associated with inability to lead.

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You're no fun anymore..

by maecuff In reply to I agree with that.

We agree. Where's the fun in that???

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I agree. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to You're no fun anymore..

...that's no fun.

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Have you ever thought

by gizzymogremlin In reply to If an employee

Have you ever thought that it just may be the fact that you had a "stern" voice in public, thus causing embarressment? or that what you perceive as a stern voice maybe yelling to others? IMO you should have pulled her aside and spoke to her about her actions. But then again opinions are like a-holes everyone has one...

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if the person's

by Dr Dij In reply to Have you ever thought

not their boss would be inappropriate to ask them to go somewhere to talk. it didn't sound like 'public' (a bunch of people) but simply the person who started this thread and a couple other office workers who were goofing off. since they both were goofing off was appropriate for them both to be asked to stop..

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by DAW1 In reply to If an employee

I was always told to praise in public and discpline in privite

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by jeffkap In reply to Employees

This is 100% true and all "good managers"hould follow this for several reasons. One is that you can lose respect of your employees by stooping down to an unprofessional level. I have had success with private discussions concerning employees performance. I inform them what is expected and the concequenses of failure and document everything. I never raise my voice. I inform th employee that if they do not perform to expectations I will not be terminating them, they will be quitting because it is within their ability to follow the rules and I cannot control their work habits or behavior. The 2nd point is society is extremely litigious and "yelling" at an employee can bring litigation against your employer and you personally.

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