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Is it Hardware, Software or ISP?

By loushaw25 ·
We have a wireless network that worked well for approx 2months, until we had a problem with renewing our IP address. Managed to contact our ISP provider who helped me correct problem over the phone. Unfortunately, by this point I had unplugged wireless router and was connected via LAN. I pointed this out to the gentleman on the phone & he assured me that when I reconnected the router it would detect new settings - but it still wont renew the IP! Is it my router or my ISP & would uninstalling ALL network components & starting from scratch help?

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by CG IT In reply to Is it Hardware, Software ...

so what your saying is your computer is directly connected to your ISP's modem?

Most consumer level routers have the ability to dynamically get an IP address from the ISP or you can configure it with a static one that your ISP gives you. Also, consumer level routers allow you to change [clone] the MAC address of the computer that was directly connected to the ISP to make the router appear to be the computer. Some ISPs use MAC addresses as a way of making sure only those computers authorized are on the network [but this practice has virtually disappeared because so many consumers use consumer level routers].

Is it your ISP? depends upon who it is. If it's SBC, Verizon, or a Cable company, I doubt it. If it's one of the discount providers that use SBC, Verizon or Cable company infrastructure, it could be.

Is it hardware? depends upon which wireless router you are using. D-Link routers seem to be the troublesome brand these days with their firmware having problems. Netgear, Linksys, SMC, Airlink, all pretty much have solid firmware.

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by B_Pope In reply to Is it Hardware, Software ...

Your ISP will renew your WAN IP on a regular basis, but it won't cause you to loose any service.

Virtually all routers have a LAN setup area where you assign a pool of IP addresses for your network, you can also set a lease time for these IP addresses. What it sounds like is you've got the lease time set to 2 months or 60 says & now the router is trying to assign new IP addresses to your PC's but none are available.

Go into the router setup utility & set the lease time to "forever" reboot your PC's & connectivity should return. If not reset the modem (everything goes back to factory defaults so re-enter a password) & go through the router settings again making sure to set the lease time to forever.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Is it Hardware, Software ...

try this, in command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns. No matter how many times you restart or computer it will not flush the dns cashe. windows does this as part of a network connection repair. you could try that aswell.

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