Is it illegal to change the administrator on a school pc?

By dannadsa ·
I was going to do this for fun in my Tech class when I was bored, but I don't want to get in trouble or suspended. I will change it right back after I show a few friends. will I get in trouble for this? Any help will be much help thanks!
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So what do you mean by Illegal?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is it illegal to change t ...

If it's school property then making any changes for any reason is frowned upon and while under whatever Country/State you may be in Laws it may not be Illegal it is against the rules and will result in problems at the very least.

Laws = Encarnacion/jail time.
Rules = Suspension or worse.

At this company anyone messes with the companies hardware and changes it means Instant Dismissal without the chance of reinstatement ever.

At the very least making any changes will adversely impact on the schools Security and open that system to attack and may even render it useless til the school IT Section reinstalls the OS and setup. They also look to see what has been done so if you mess with it I would expect them to know and then act according to the rules they have in place.

It is after all when everything is said and done their equipment and they are the ones responsible for keeping the users safe so I would assume that they take that seriously enough to get really upset when someone breaks their standard security model.

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