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Is it just me, or are the media . . . . . .

By maxwell edison ·
..... falling all over themselves covering and sensationalizing Chelsea Clinton's wedding much more than then they did Jenna Bush's wedding? It seems pretty obvious to me that they are.

I hate it when the media play favorites. And it's SO obvious.

I also hate it when the Republicans are tagged as the party of the rich, but yet it seems more Democrats are actually the rich. And they flaunt it with impunity.

I also hate it when Americans are treated like Royalty: Hollywood types, musical types - and the Clintons.

Okay, there's my soapbox rant of the day.

And stepping off said soapbox for something a little lighter:

If you want to kill six hours on a Saturday night, watch the Clint Eastwood Dollars Trilogy Westerns. While watching them last night, I recalled another time I watched all three in a row - at a drive-in theater circa 1967-68, riding there in the back of a neighbor's pick-up truck.

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Now that

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Is it just me, or are the ...

is the kind of crap I ignore. Newsmedia junk for the sole purpose of distracting us from what 'our' politicians are 'really' doing. Movie stars, too. Who the hell cares. I have a life, and those folks sure as hell don't knock on my door or send me Christmas cards.

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i'm with ya max

by PurpleSkys In reply to Is it just me, or are the ...

i mean seriously...if it weren't for her parents, she would be a virtual nobody...I read on CNN that some media venue somewhere was tooting it as the wedding of the century...I don't think so...just wait until Prince William marries...that will be the wedding of the century in my opinion

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Royal wedding of the century was a month ago...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to i'm with ya max

Princess Victoria of Sweden and her common-born fiancee Daniel Westling got hitched.
Very cute couple. Guy's pretty geeky, and gave a good speech.

If royalty must be involved, I avoid the english, something tells me that they're wholly unwholesome.

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If royalty must be involved, I avoid . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Royal wedding of the cent ...

..... royalty.

I don't understand why any country would elevate a family of royalty under whom they serve, either literally or figuratively.

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by JamesRL In reply to If royalty must be involv ...

I don't think Canadians, if they hadn't already had a Royal Family, would elevate one.

But as we were born with it already in place, and we see that it is symbolic rather than practical, then we don't serve them. The Queen cannot make a proclamation that binds Canada. The Queen's representative, the Governer General, does have a role on occasion, but its been decades since the Queen did any more than rubber stamp the PM's choice.

The Queen to us is a symbol of tradition, and represents a non political, non partisan person, not someone we have elevated or served.

We'd survive fine without her.

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The British Royal Family

by maxwell edison In reply to Tradition

All of the benefits, but none of the hard work required to enjoy such benefits.

Pick a family - any family - and say, let me kiss your *** and make you something special, even though you've done nothing even close to deserve such special treatment. In fact, historically speaking, you've all been abhorant! But I'll kiss your *** anyway - and pay you millions of pounds (dollars) - just because of tradition.

Where do I apply?

In my American opinion, the British Royal Family is about as worthless as ___________ ........ (fill in the blank).

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that whatever the Brits do, it's their business, not mine. They can bow to a toad for all I care. But I never would.

P.S. If I were a Brit (or a non-Brit, for that matter, but standing on British soil), and I said what I just said directly to the face of a member of the British Royal Family - Liz or Charlie, for example - would I be arrested and charged with a crime?

P.P.S. What if I said it three hundred years ago?

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As a former royal subject...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The British Royal Family

I agree.
I also abhor the idea of royalty on religious grounds. The scumbags raped a still salvageable religion into their own image. Even after the emperor/pope of Rome had his way with it, it could've still recovered. But after royalty, then nobility, then the upper classes, then the industrial powers... no, not many people know the way any more.

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Possibly a minor charge

by neilb@uk In reply to The British Royal Family

unless you'd have gone at it aggressively. You'd probably have been hustled out of the Royal Presence and then kicked out of the country for being an arse.

And three hundred years ago would have been the reign of Queen Anne and, of her, I know nothing so I don't know what would have happened if you had done the same. However, as people were put to death in those days for stealing a loaf of bread, you would probably have been treated a little less well. Maybe deported to Her Majestey's colonies in the New World.

As for the present mob...

It is generally believed that the British Royal Family have considerable monetary value - far more than we pay them - as a tourist attraction. Personally, I reckon people would still come and pay to go round the palaces and castles if they were gone.

Constitutionally, they have no power but because we don't have a written constitution, no-one really knows how much power they don't have.

I'm all in favour of a republic but I do have to wonder whether I'd rather the current Queen as Head of State than some self-serving git of a career politician.


p.s. What would happen if I shot my mouth off in the face of any of your recent Presidents?

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I agree

by Jellimonsta In reply to Possibly a minor charge

The Royal family appear to be no less a tourist attraction that Blackpool Tower these days. I see them not much different from any actor, pop star or top tier sports player.
I do however hold them in higher regard than any politician, lawyer or any other rapist. ;\

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What would happen if yu (or anyone) shot your mouth off in the face . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Possibly a minor charge

..... of any of your recent Presidents?

Probably nothing, assuming you weren't threatening the president. And, of course, the Secret Service agents would probably take off their nice gloves while escorting you away from him.

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