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Is it just me or does anyone else have issues with...

By SmartAceW0LF ·
The posture taken by the developers of almost every popular software application used today, in that it needs to add itself to the startup group of Windows? Now I know there are several watchdog applications you can install to keep an eye on this, but in doing so, you are basically using the "Hired Gun" approach.

A thing that is really beginning to get under my skin is that no matter how many times you remove it, as soon as you decide to use said (or unsaid) application again -for whatever it is that your life would be so much more enrichened by than if you just passed it up- the application is once again re-added to the startup group! No option to bow out, or anything of the such, is ever given. And there is no use in picking on any one developer, they all run roughshod over end users. This problem seems to be escalating in an exponential fashion.

Very much akin to the incessant marketing tactics of telemarketers, this is not likely to be corrected near as fast (Clang clang clang goes the sarcasm bell) as the "Do Not Call" option we are afforded with to prevent their invasions. It took decades to implement that and it was a thing everyone who owned a phone was intimately familiar with.
In contrast, probably more than 70% of computer users these days are ignorant to this.

Granted, the companies providing many of these applications are doing so free of charge, and from their lopsided perspective, this may justify their adherence to this practice. However, the fact of the matter is this... The profits of these companies are not affected in any way by the practice of adding the loading time of their applications to my boot process. And this, more often than not, is done just to give their software the false appearance of loading quickly. Their can be little doubt that the indirect revenue -advertising for one- from these freely provided applications are substantial enough to merit refrain from this practice. But why should they refrain? What voice speaks loudly and clearly enough to them to make them understand it might not be in their best interest to continue with this pattern? Does anyone know of such an entity?
If not, where does it finally end?

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That's how windows works!

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Is it just me or does any ...

It's an MRU list. For why developers put it on the list before you've ever used it, isn't that glaringly obvious.

Prefetch is a windows optimsation to cope with deliberate bloat and also compile time of .Net applications. It's not that big a hit anyway, most of the issues come from a double antivirus check, once into prefetch and then each time executed.

So you are going to have to redirect your complaint to Redmond I'm afraid....

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