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Is it limiting or not...................

By Intel Inside Me ·
I reinstalled my windows xp home for many times, im just feared if there is a limit for actavation keys that you do almost everytime when u install windows. Is ther a limit to actavition for windows xp home?

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by nazil dsouza In reply to Is it limiting or not.... ...

well i dont think so u can reinstal any number of times its like a car anytime it gives up .............. but be sure of getting it activated

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by TheWizardKs In reply to Is it limiting or not.... ...

Yes there is a limit. If I remember correctly, 3 times. Then you are required to call toll free to MS. Went through this with my 18 year old son who kept getting spyware/viruses and we'd format and install XP.

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by statykserver In reply to Is it limiting or not.... ...

Well to answer your question "Activations on the same PC using the same product key are unlimited."

From the Microsoft site found here

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is it limiting or not.... ...

While technically you have unlimited rights to reinstall any copy of OEM Software on the original Hardware it also depends on which country you are in as to what actually happens. Generally speaking you are safe if you do not reinstall more than 5 times in a 6 month period if you have to reinstall more than this you get redirected to a Toll Free Phone Number to get an activation key from a person who will ask why you have reactivated so many times.

They may also offer to help you make your system stable so that XP works on it in a stable fashion if you have been experiencing hardware faults. It really depends on what has gone wrong as to what will happen and where you live also plays a part in the way things work.


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by NZ_Justice In reply to Is it limiting or not.... ...

As long as you don't cahnge your hardware configuration you should be sweet, If you upgrade you PC, add a new HHD, more ram, better cpu, better video, then according to MS EULA you have to pruchase another license. But if you keep the hardware the same you should be sweet.

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by Intel Inside Me In reply to Is it limiting or not.... ...

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