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Is it me, or have many IT recruiters morphed into annoying telemarketers?

By Why Me Worry? ·
I think I'll have to remove my resume from every online job board because the volume of pointless emails and telephone calls is never ending.

Case in point:

"Hello, my name is <fill in the blank> and I saw your resume online (where might I ask exactly?)". "Please send me an updated resume and call me to discuss some excellent opportunities I am currently working on".

Uhhhh..not for nothing...but who the **** are you and what exactly do you have to offer before I send you a detailed resume with my address and other information? I have to call them and engage in a useless 30 minute conversation, only to find out that the position they have is total crap and halfway around the country?

Why are recruiters so defensive about simply stating the job requirements, exact salary or hourly rate being offered, and where in the **** this job is. I don't have time to play mickey mouse games or engage in telephone tag to get this information. If you want to sell me something, like a job, how's about telling me what it is you are selling first before I waste my time any further?

Am I wrong here, because my time is precious and is better spent on serious work instead of 3 week consulting assignments at burger flipper hourly rates.

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its you

by CG IT In reply to Is it me, or have many IT ...
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Care to elaborate?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to its you
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a joke

by CG IT In reply to Care to elaborate?


Recruiters are tying to fill IT jobs with qualified [degree and experience] people and the going market rate is less than what IT people belive their skills are worth. I think the .com ear mindset of large salaries for IT people still pervades the IT workforce. Reality is IT is an administrative fucntion. It's necessary because companies depend on it but they don't want to pay salaries to IT people that rival executive salaries.

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I know...I was simply playing along

by Why Me Worry? In reply to a joke
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in that case

by CG IT In reply to I know...I was simply pla ...

yes! it's you.... the recruiters all know who you are and are just messing with you..

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So my paranoia and intuitions are correct. They are messing with me.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to in that case

And all this time, I was thinking that I was suffering from anxiety and schizophrenia...LMAO!

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Unless they talk to you ....

by onbliss In reply to Is it me, or have many IT ...

...they don't know the following:

Am I wrong here, because my time is precious and is better spent on serious work instead of 3 week consulting assignments at burger flipper hourly rates.

Hence they take the efforts to find out if you are the person they need "right now" or "for the future".

I was involved in a sales mail campaign, and what I saw could very well be applied in recruiting as well. The consulting organization was sending hundreds of mails (brochures, literatures, fliers...) to specific individuals in different companies. The Accounts Manager (a.k.a Sales people) then followed up, by calling those folks after a week or two to talk about the specifics of the mail. I don't remember the numbers, but the thought process was like send several mails, follow up on them, and there is a chance that a few managers actually read the mail and answered the sales phone. A few of them, agreed to meet the sales personnel in person. And finally few of them agreed to interview candidates.

It was a machine, people were supposed to send mail, some were supposed to call and talk. Some were supposed to go in person all to arrange interviews. Meanwhile, recruiters had keep looking in their database, and ensure there was steady stream of resources available when those interviews turned up.

Sometimes I do think coding is lot easier than those jobs. And those folks do not even get paid as much as we do.

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Right, but why are they purposely leaving out job descriptions in emails?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Unless they talk to you . ...

They've obviously seen my resume online and should know if I am a fit or not for the position, but again, I'd like to first see what they have to offer before I start engaging in telephone tag.

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by onbliss In reply to Right, but why are they p ...

I just got off the phone, talking to someone who is working through some recruiters. The comment was that the consulting firm was secretive about submitting the resumes.

It is only my guess that they do not want you or anyone else to circumvent them and land into that job.

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Not asking to disclose who the client is, but tell me about the job itself

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Secretive

All I want is a detailed description of the job responsibilities, the nature of the business, the duration of the project, and the money it pays. I could care less who the client is, as my main concern is to see whether or not the job fits me or not.

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