Is it moron act?

By ideaddict ·

I seriously need your urgent replies as i did something stupid with my motherboard & other cards. I really worried and need to know some solid solution & hope this forum will solve my problem as it did before.

I intentionally sprayed WD-40 solution to all of my boards (motherboard intel D915 series; soundcard creative 7.1 support; TV Tuner Pinnacle; AGP Nvidia)and now can not figure out how to get rid of this problem. Can anyone tell me the perfect solution and whether it will affect these peripherals in future or not?

Another stupidity which i did was to removed the solution between processor & heat-sink element & now wondering what should i do for that?

Please save my PC & help me out

Best Regards

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Serious? Well... OK...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Is it moron act?

I have to ask.... what in heaven's name possessed you to do such a thing?

Anyway... the 'solution' you removed that was between the processor and it's heatsink was a silver colored grease called 'dielectric grease.' It is a compound specifically designed to aid in heat transfer but to not allow the transfer of electric current. You can purchase an inexpensive tube of dielectric grease from just about any on-line or local computer hardware supplier that sells processors or cooling fans. Do not connect your heatsink back to the processor or use your computer without replacing the dielectric grease between those two components.

As far as the WD-40 goes... that is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible to fully remove. The letters 'WD' stand for 'water displacement'. It is a non-water soluable lubricant. It should never be used as a cleaner.
I would use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and cotton swabs. CAREFULLY use the alcohol wet swabs and gently dab and wipe off as much of the WD-40 as you can. Then allow them to air dry fully for several days. As a graphite/petroleum-based lubricant, much of the WD-40 will eventually evaporate. Using the alcohol will help remove the water displacing ingredient. Be sure that the components are all fully clean and completely dry before attempting to rebuild your computer and connect it to power!

Good Luck.
...hopefully a lesson learned.

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Brilliant & informatory Solution

by ideaddict In reply to Serious? Well... OK...

Unlimited thanks for your prompt reply & it will be far better if you choose some name for me as well

I think you suggested me a brilliant & very informatory solution and hope i will do that as you said.

There is one little problem, how can i wipe-out wd40 from all the slots & ports? somebody tell me that you can dry it or remove it by inserting cards(sound, vga, ram) & pins(mouse, keyboard) into their respective positions almost 30-40 times. What do you think? is it fine or do something else.

I once again appreciated your very useful reply and hope i'll save my pc.

Thanks & best regards

P.S. Can i use petrol or thinner as replacement of isopropyl alcohol or not?

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Additional notes...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Brilliant & informatory S ...

DO NOT use petrol, thinner, paint remover, mineral spirits, nail polish remover, gasoline, kerosene, etc.!
They all have corrosive properties.
Use denatured or isopropyl alcohol ONLY.

To help clean out the slots in the board, you can use a can of compressed air. This is also inexpensive and can be found on-line, at just about retail store that sells computer equipment or an office supply store.

Again... the most important part is going to be allowing the pieces effected to all dry out COMPLETELY before reassembling.

Once you are done and everything is working properly, seal the computer case and never open it again. :)

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Got it

by ideaddict In reply to Additional notes...

lol @ "Once you are done and everything is working properly, seal the computer case and never open it again."

I really thankful to you to give me brilliant suggestions & teach me perfectly. I'll tell you the status after doing what you instructed.

Thanks & best regards

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Tough cleanup

by mjd420nova In reply to Is it moron act?

First you need to get the WD-40 off the boards. A degreaser like Simple Green with half and half dilution with water. Flood the board and then rinse with clear water and let dry. During the next step it's best to wear eye protection and latex gloves. Rinse the board down with a can of spray cleaner that leaves no residue for electronic use. Remove the heat sink and fan unit off the CPU and clean with more spray cleaner on a paper towel. Replace the heat sink after cleaning it too. Put one small rabbit dropping size spot of heatsink compound, usually white paste. Be careful when you reinstall to check for insulating washers on the standoffs or glued to the board(maybe not anymore). Good luck

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Humpty Dumpty award winner

by sgt_shultz In reply to Tough cleanup

We have an award I started here. Anybody with huevos enought to break something spectacularly wins it. You win.
If you have run you pc with the wd 40 in place, you might have big problems for sure due to shorting. but maybe it's ok. clean it off as these guys have stated and personally, you made me smile for your boldness. You go, Person!
The substance between the processor and heat sink is called 'heat sink compound' and you do need it. It is readily available at Radio Shack or places like that selling electronics. apply sparingly, you don't want a big gob of it, just a thin layer. without it you will overheat and shutdown pretty quickly.

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Thanks, but where is the price money?

by ideaddict In reply to Humpty Dumpty award winne ...

Thanks buddy

you awarded my rightly & i deserved it appropriately. You also made me smile for your bold comments :) & definitely thankful for the solution you provided. What if i successfully build my pc again? do you give me another award or let it to some other person?

Thanks & best regards

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please post and let us know how it goes

by sgt_shultz In reply to Thanks, but where is the ...

I will make a special award for you when you get it working again. I will call it the 'Never Give Up' award.

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by ideaddict In reply to please post and let us kn ...

You really lift my spirits now, lol. Anyway what i learn from that stupidity is that, if you ever do silly things, dont published it on forums :)

Best regards

P.S. I'll let you inform after do these suggestions

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Sounds Like Good

by ideaddict In reply to Tough cleanup

Thanks for the prompt & good reply, but the problem is that "simple green" & "spray cleaner" is hard to find here, so can you tell me some easily available replacement of above products? is it fine to use petrol or thinner to degrease these boards or just rinse with mixture of water & detergent & then **** it with air? i am really also worried about slots of the board as i also sprayed wd40 into them [how sick i am ]

Can you please explain more about "white paste", what's that & how & where i grab this thing?

Hope am not disturbing you seriously and also waiting your final thoughts

Best Regards

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