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    Is it my attitude? Do they need it? Where to go from here?


    by tobeaux ·

    Hello TechRepublic…
    I am a small-time mostly self-taught IT person, and unfortunately the only person in the small company I work for who knows what “IP” or a “file extension” is.
    I have developed an Access/VBA database application for my company over the last 10 years or so with generally great results, including text exports to external accountancy packages etc. Due to expanding the network to include 2 remote sites connected with VPN (yes all done by self-taught me), these last 2 years I have moved the back-end to MySQL on Linux and modified my application to support it with great success (and a lot of info on how to came from here), but now the remote sites are constantly complaining about it being too slow (I don’t think so – it is about the same as most web pages)… So I suggested that I try replicating the MySQL database. Success, but what if the link goes down? So I am now trying to get the Linux-HA heartbeat thing working so that if the main db server is not available, the remote sites can not do writes to the database. Now I realise I am way beyond my level of expertise and I want to explode. The question is: Does a company of only 15 people need all this? Are they being greedy? Am I biting more than I can chew? Should I admit defeat and get them to employ a consultant? If so where would I find a good one who isn’t trying to sell something?

    Apologies if it seems a rant, I did list it (my first TR post) as off-topic… 🙂
    I just thought I’d ask while my head is hot… 🙂

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      by tobeaux ·

      In reply to Is it my attitude? Do they need it? Where to go from here?


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      Sounds a bit over the top to me

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      And maybe not everything you need anyway.

      Waht you really need to know is has replication stopped.

      Write an admin script to check that the database is in synch (ish).

      If your data is time stamped you can just see how in step the two ? servers are, if not you could add a status table and replicate it then use CRON or some such to
      update the master server status table with the current time.
      then check the remote server(s) to see if it that value (may be about a few minutes behind for blips)
      if teh check says replication has failed them get it to email you.

      Then if you start getting a lot of emails you can look into why, and what you need to do to stop it.


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