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    Is it OK to recycle old phones?


    by amyleah ·

    Hello guys,
    I have a question that is it OK to recycle old not in use phones? Does this really impact on the environment?

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      Recycle Old Phones

      by joymerrymann ·

      In reply to Is it OK to recycle old phones?

      there are eco-friendly manners to recycle old phones.

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      Absolutely fine

      by isobeldavidson8 ·

      In reply to Is it OK to recycle old phones?

      Yes. You can recycle your old gadget in fact you can do it online. There are a bundle of sites who do that.
      for example: moneysavingexpert
      you can google around 🙂

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        Thank you

        by john cater ·

        In reply to Absolutely fine

        i was also looking that how should i recycle the old gadgets now after looking these website i am able to recycle the products that are not in my use

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      by samgord ·

      In reply to Is it OK to recycle old phones?

      it should be used to produce new phones first of all.

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      There’s a solution

      by werdnik ·

      In reply to Is it OK to recycle old phones?

      Haven’t tried it myself but I read that there’s companies which take care of your old phone and recycle it in a way, that some old compartments could be reused.

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      Yes they do really adversly impact on the environment

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Is it OK to recycle old phones?

      They are full of nasty chemicals and componds which are highly toxic when placed in Land Fill. Even the glue used to hold them together is extremly toxic and Apple has had to admit within the past few years that the glue used in their products had adversly impacted on the workers who make the phones.

      On the other hand if Security is an Issue it can be just as dangerous to recycle them if there is any data on them that has to be considered as a Security Concern. Things like ways to pay for items or bank account details are the most likely things to be of interest to the Nasties but also what many consider as unimportant like E Mail Contact Lists can breach security for many places.

      Over all it is better to recycle them but if you do you should try to be in a position to see it destroyed with a large Electric Bolt which will render any data on the phone unretrevable and gone forever.

      However if you can not see it destroyed remove the battery and dispose of it at a different place and use the option to return the phone to it’s Factory Defaults which while not destroying the data will make it harder to recover it and put off the would be baddies.

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      Recycle old phone

      by mark dyson ·

      In reply to Is it OK to recycle old phones?

      I think you can use the above-mentioned websites for recycling. It is always better to recycle otherwise these gadgets will end up in landfills causing environmental pollution and increasing water, air and soil toxicity. There is a bigger environmental impact caused due to e-waste. nowadays. Even space is not free from e-waste debris.

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      Recycling old cell phones

      by anthonyfrost52 ·

      In reply to Is it OK to recycle old phones?

      Yes, it is good to recycle old cell phones. Not only the cell phone, you should recycle other old or damaged electronic stuff. Recycling gives positive impact on the environment. It reduces energy cost because recycling gives the chance to reuse the material. It also prevents air and water pollution.
      There are many websites on the internet which perform recycling activities for phones
      • Recell Cellular
      • Decluttr
      • Gazelle
      • uSell

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