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Is it OK to tell co-workers about your next job?

By onbliss ·
After the customary notice has been given to the management, coworkers some of who could be good friends, or nice acquanitances or just good-nice-coworkers are bound to directly/indirectly raise the topic of where one is going next. Curiosity is a human trait :-)

My question is: Should one tell them the company's name and a brief (one line or two) description of the job? Or should one just be vague (actually lie :-) )?

My own answer: We should tell them the truth sharing only the necessary information, if asked. If not asked, then don't tell.

What do you feel?

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by Dr Dij In reply to Is it OK to tell co-worke ...

instead of lying, you can describe the type of company or something vague like you said. Esp. if not in your dept, makes sense to say just 'I've got another job'. You could avoid saying anything by saying 'I think I may take a month (few weeks) off..' even if you go somewhere else pretty quick.

It's up to you and the situation. I've always found better to say less. If for example it didn't work out during first weeks or month, and you found 2nd other job. You might leave this first other job off your resume, and then there's one less person who might say, 'hey, weren't you working for ...'

'Need to know' only if you want. If it's a competitor, and nearby there might be others from your company going to them later.. in which case might make sense to tell them. Or if you are going to another company that deals with your original company (this happens more than you think as companies hire people they know) then would make sense to tell them.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Is it OK to tell co-worke ...

First make sure the new position is in the bag,
or rumours and gossip will proceed you to thenew one from the old. For close friends and co-
workers, it should be okay, but others may know
someone who works where you're headed. Beware,
there are those who delight in setting a place
for you and love to see you squirm when pre-
conceived ideas don't turn out as planned.

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Treat it like any other personal business

by DC Guy In reply to Is it OK to tell co-worke ...

This is in the same class with other personal business like your spouse going into the hospital for surgery or moving into a nicer house or your kid getting busted. You share stuff like that with the people you're close to, but not with everybody.

There's a difference between a co-worker who is a good friend and one who is just pleasant to run into at the office. The best clue is whether you see the person outside the context of the work group. (Not just on the bowling team or at the corner bar after work.) Have you met each other's family, been to each other's home, etc?

If not, why would you even consider discussing something so private with them?

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Yes it is Okay

by Wayne M. In reply to Is it OK to tell co-worke ...

I can't think of reason not to tell if asked. The standard etiquette is to use something along the following.

"I've really enjoyed working with you, but as of (some date) I am leaving the company."

If asked, as will often happen, where you are going, then feel free to tell the name of the company, where it is located, and a one sentence description of your new job. If it is a career change type move, it is okay to gush a little about the new job.

There is nothing to be gained by not telling the curious about your new company, and it saves a lot of speculation about "Does he have a new job?"

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and nothing

by Dr Dij In reply to Yes it is Okay

to be gained either by telling them. previous poster highlighted some reasons you may not want to tell them. besides being none of their business, they might purposely bad mouth you to people they know working there, and as I mentioned, if it doesn't work out less people know that you moved on to a dift co. they'd simply thing you went right to 2nd dift co.

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Only if

by Oz_Media In reply to Is it OK to tell co-worke ...

IF they can be trusted, as friends, then by all means.

I have a deal with a coworker now, neither of us will leave unless we can both be hired by the other company. We must give each other any leads we are lookign into, we also must request the other is interviewed if one of us goes.

I have left several companies and actually dragged a few others with me that I liked working with.

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