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Is It Out There?

By kelleyag ·
I'm an IT professional who wants to learn everything I can about e-business, business intelligence, CRM, ERP and data warehousing. Since I'm one person, I'd like to do some of this learning through Web-based courses, but I can't seem to find any onthese areas. I can find a lot of Web-based courses on how to use Microsoft products or professional skills, but none on these topics. Do you know where I can this type of Web-based training? Do you know why there isn't more of it out there? Thanks!

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its there

by astrocat123 In reply to Is It Out There?

when all else fails i use the web and the best search engine which is in my opion its a (metacrawler) that searches all the search engines give it a try, i know the name is gooffey but it searches up to 10 search engine sites at a time, and you can specifiy which to search.another place to try would be United States Of America web sites under education to look for online courses and even courses brocast on some cable tv net works good luck

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Try Brainbench

by Michael - Consultant In reply to Is It Out There?

Try They have tests and information on certifications on pretty much everything.

As for actual certifications, there isn't a set standard for CRM, ERP, data warehousing. There are so many different tools for both. You would have to read up on the individual tools and therorys to get better educated on these items.

Sorry I coudn't be of more help

CRM Consultant

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a fairly broad area to cover

by xxx123 In reply to Is It Out There?

You've listed quite a few topics that cover a LOT of ground. If you're looking for high-level explanations of the terms and summaries of the types of tools out there, you can find this by reading various white papers and articles on the tool vendorwebsites.

Some of what you are looking for is never going to be packaged in a tidy little certification course. I have done several data warehousing projects (but not recently so I'm not up on the latest tools.) The most critical aspects of a data warehousing project are:

a) Understanding the existing corporate data you will be drawing from. What does it mean? How do the different pieces of data relate to each other? Table and field names are often meaningless or misleading. You have to do a lot of queries and analysis to get to the bottom of it all.

b) How are people planning to use the data? What knowledge do they want to get out of it? There will be multiple constituencies for the end product and you need some understanding of their differing goals. Again, this is custom analysis that must be done for each project and while various methodologies can be useful, there's no "template" solution.

If you **** either a) or b) than nothing will salvage the project regardless of the tools you employ.

So I guess this is a roundabout way of saying you might want to focus your search a little, unless you are writing some college paper and just need to show familiarity with a bunch of topics.

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