Is it possible

By oskiz4net ·
What could make a board of P3 not to accept Windows Xp as its OS but would rather run on just Win 2000. Could it be board or something>

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This might be what you need to know ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is it possible
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And Windows XP Compatibility Tester

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is it possible

But put bluntly the M'Board, HDD or Optical Drive may not be XP Compatible. I can remember when SP1 came out for XP I spent a week with a then new P4 trying to find out why the partition Information Disappeared when I applied SP1. In the end instead of being a Incompatable CD Recorder it was a Samsung DVD Player that was causing the problem. Replace the DVD Player and it worked properly and the Partition Information stayed on the HDD instead of getting wiped as SP1 was applied.

Download & run the XP Compatibility Tester to see if the M'Board is actually XP Compatible as well as the other Hardware connected.


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