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    Is it possible…


    by muthukumar.g ·

    Eventhough there are many jokes about putting more people to complete the work quickly that too in IT segments, still most of the management people are suggesting it to do. will it work really… my idea is if you have proper defined work breakup information for the complete project, schedulewise somehow you can do… but this is not possible with small customers, who provide information with short breaks.. any ideas.. dear members.. ?

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      Depends on your design

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Is it possible…

      If it’s modular, loosely coupled and its parts are clearly scoped then yes. If it’s enhance a massive RAD suite with masses on logic in the presentation layer closely coupled to bucket loads of global variables and objects, then you’ll just end up with a bunch of people sat twiddling their thumbs to avoid trampling on each others area of work.
      Be easier to start again in that case.

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