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Is it possible for a set tob box to damage a TV?

By wirke ·
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I've bought a TV recently, not two weeks ago, only used it as a secondary monitor. But i decided to add a set top box provided by my cable company. At first stb had booten up and showed life (didn't used for a long time), but no channels showed. Then i rebooted it and everything was ok. TV ran for about a few minutes and then everything turned green and it shut off. After powering it up, no signal was recieved from stb, so i tried other 2 hdmi ports to no avail. I tried turning them on and off, both the TV and stb, but nothing happened, except that there were random TV shutoffs. I removed stb and continued using it as secondary monitor again. Then TV randomly shut off, and continued doing so every time I turned it on. Also date and time resets like I've shut the power off. There are no loose connections, remote is not stuck and timer for sleep is turned off. I'm not sure if this, if it is the case, covers my insurance. What should I do?
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Set top box

by sanjeevkalshan9910 In reply to Is it possible for a set ...

There is no chance of a set-top box to damage the tv. Your problem may due to the bad connections of tv n set-top box. And you also have the other monitor and can say that your monitor could be damage previously.

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Faulty Wirings

by rajatrajput2816 In reply to Is it possible for a set ...

You can check for faulty wirings. There is probably a wiring issue. Take it to the service centre once and ask them for a complete checkup of wirings.

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