Is it possible to "add" the bandwidth of multiple USB Modems and then distr

By pcvchriskmg ·
Bare with me, this may seem like a crazy idea, but I want to know if this is technically possible.

I have 14 USB key modems. I have 14 desktop computers. For security reasons (cyber cafe in Africa), I do not want to plug a key into each machine. These keys connect at 236 kbps.

Is it possible to combine the resources of each of these keys, effectively pooling all their bandwidths, and then routing that connection wirelessly to each of the desktop computers in the cyber cafe?

I am essentially looking to create one WLAN that is comprised of these 14 seperate USB modems that are all connected at once. Then I want each desktop to tap into that LAN to access the internet.

I realize it is much easier to plug one USB modem into each desktop, but we fear that people will probably steal these things if that's the case. We're looking for a technology solution, not a security solution.


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You can't supercede your ISP bandwidth, by teaming these..

by cmatthews In reply to Is it possible to "add" t ...

..USB devices if they are 3G adapters, they would still need to communicate with each other in a mesh topology.

You'd save money and be much better served by taking 6 of them, and connecting them as parallel up-links to a local squid-proxy. This way, the disk cache serves up redundant content instead of using the links.

The best choices for that platform would be Ubuntu or Suse Linux running Shorewall to aggregate your links. Both have forums that can help you with shorewall. You ca also go here:
to search for how-to's on "shorewall"

I would also not plug in the 6 3g adapters to the back of the server directly. Spread them out with six, 4-meter usb extension cables. This also solves your theft problem and you can use local wireless or Ethernet to the PC's in the cafe. Cheers!

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reply: Is it possible to "add" the bandwidth of multiple USB Modems and the

by imran.salamat In reply to Is it possible to "add" t ...

operationaly its not possible :) or you have a system which have 12 USB ports and then create static routes using USB to Ethernet Connector software. then create 12 static routes for each client system.

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When adding (aggregating) the requests must come from..

by cmatthews In reply to reply: Is it possible to ...

..a single source - a squid proxy is a best choice. When you setup static routes and then NAT them, that's not aggregating. What you want is good load balancing which is what shorewall, etc.. can do.

I wouldn't put all 12 on one gateway either, build 2 gateways for redundancy and split it so every body wins - even when the cafe owner has one machine down ;-)

Maybe more reading can help:

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