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    Is it possible to build a New PC with no eventlog errors


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    I was just wondering if anyone has ever built a new PC, installed Windows and the drivers for the hardware, and checked event viewer and found no Critical errors.
    From my experience it must be the Holy Grail to get no errors and that’s before you install any other software as windows just doesn’t like it.
    Most I know are silly niggling errors which mean nothing and the PC is working fine, but try explaining that to the customer who just see’s the fact that there are several nice red and yellow marks in event viewer.
    Now with Windows 7 I normally reckoned that so long as the errors were to do with something like Nero or other software then Windows would be working fine.
    Now Windows 8.1 is a whole new ballgame with twice as many event logs so twice as many possibilities for problems. Do there really need to be logs to monitor events which to most people mean nothing and the errors have little or no effect on the computer.

    The PC I built today started with 20 critical errors meaning a long trawl over the Microsoft website to find what these were and 90% were meaning less and had no real resolution!!. If there is no resolution and if it doesn’t affect the running of the computer, then surely monitoring it is pointless and just a P.I.T.A. to explain that the PC is running perfectly fine.

    I await your comments on this with baited breath.

    Leslie ( PC Technician of 10 years )

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      Well I suppose it’s possible but as of yet I’ve never seen it.

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      Here the problem isn’t the computer it’s Windows which doesn’t work properly to begin with. Grab a NEW Surface in a store and have a look at the event viewer.

      If you expect Windows to work as you think it should you are going to be sadly let down. Of course if you don’t Install Windows but something else it’s a different story.


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