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Is it possible to convert an obscure file format to a commonly used one?

By HubertCumberdale ·
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Hello, I have a bit of an unusual query, but I hope someone can help.

I have a German-English dictionary on CD called Duden Oxford Großwörterbuch Englisch 2.0 (Großwörterbuch means "large dictionary").

I bought it years ago and currently run it in Windows XP, which in turn is running in VirtualBox. Duden Oxford won't install natively in Windows 10 (along with some of my other old Windows CD programs), so I have to use XP & VirtualBox.

Duden Oxford allows me to create user dictionaries and I have one with a total of 17,385 headword entries which I've created myself over a period of several years (the file is just over 175 MB in size).

Duden Oxford user dictionaries are saved in (what I presume is) a proprietary file format with a .usl file extension. The entries in my user dictionary are formatted text only; there are no images or any other kind of data.

I'd like to convert my .usl user dictionary into another file format, preferably .rtf (Rich Text Format), although any widely used file format would be an improvement on .usl. So .txt (plain text), .csv (Comma Separated Values) or a database file format would all be options. I dual-boot with Linux Mint so any file formats that Mint can support would also be an option.

Is there any way to convert my .usl file into a more commonly used file format?

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