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is it possible to fix a cracked LCD Monitor

By whited1982 ·
Do to a short fuse of my significant other there was an incident with the monitor of our desk top. I am wondering if it would be more cost efficent to fix the crack (display still works without an issue) and how I would go about this....or would it just be better to pony up some cash for a new monitor.

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LCD monitor ain't like a car windscreen ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to is it possible to fix a c ...

You don't call out the LCD equivalent of Autoglass.

If you can live with the crack, do so. Any attempt to give it a makeover will probably only result in exacerbating the damage or rendering the monitor unusable. At all costs, avoid placing any pressure on the area around the crack. (You shouldn't place undue pressure on the surface of any LCD/TFT monitor anyway)

Don't be surprised if it deteriorates over the coming months.

Folk who are cruel to animals leave me both angry and incensed.

Folk who are 'cruel' to inanimate objects make me laugh! :^0

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No and there are some things you need to watch out for

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to is it possible to fix a c ...

If the Display starts to leak Do Not allow the liquid to contact a Human or for that matter any other living object. It's both Carcinogenic and Poisonous.

If the person who broke it like they can clean up the mess that they made but I would suggest dish washing cloves to protect them if they deserve this. :0

Also watch out for extremes in temperature as this can cause a crack to spread just like on a car windscreen.

Ideally with these dangerous things you should dispose of them when they get broken and remember that the Back Light in these has a high level of Mercury so if one gets broken you need to evacuate the room and then with the correct protection get people in to clean up the mess. That involves full Class 1 Bio Hazard suits and so on.

Probably a good idea with leaking LCD Screens to I might add.


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