Is it possible to have 3 processors on 1 motherboard?

By east001 ·
I'm planning to buy 3 i7 990x processors, and i would like to know if it's possible to setup them on 1 motherboard, or perhaps on 3 different motherboards, but i need them to work as 1 unit.

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yup, but usually . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Is it possible to have 3 ...

that's reserved for a server OS

winders workstation OS is limited to 2 physical CPUs regardless of the number of cores
and the home versions limited to a single CPU regardless of cores

boards are usually configured as:
- Single socket
- Dual socket
- Quad socket

I've never heard of a Tri socket MB

edit: Link
here is a SuperMicro Quad-Socket board:

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As stated above this is reserved for Server M'Boards

by OH Smeg In reply to Is it possible to have 3 ...

While you may be able to use 3 CPU's on some Quad Processor Server Boards they will have to be Server CPU's not Desktop CPU which is what the i7 is. So you need to look at Xeon or the Multi Core AMD's as possible CPU that will fit a Server Board.

Personally I've never used 3 CPU's on a Quad Processor Board and the ones that I use do not support this option as well as what was listed above Windows will not use all of the Physical CPU's available to it unless you want to use one of the Server Products and pay the additional License Fees. Yes I had some guy install Windows Server to a 6,000 CPU Blade which failed to work as required but as he wanted to move them to a Windows Only Shop without realizing what it was that they actually did he went ahead and crippled their CG Section one weekend.

As for using 3 M'Boards not really possible unless you want to make a Cluster and again this is for Server Products from M$. I do not believe that you can setup a Cluster successfully with Desktop Product.


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The other question is why?

by JamesRL In reply to Is it possible to have 3 ...

What do you want to run that requires that many CPUs?

I've stopped building my own PCs, and my last two have been Dell Workstations with dual Xeon processors. They run fairly fast. What do you want to run that requires that kind of horsepower?

Understand that CPUs generate a lot of heat, and even just 2 CPUs in a computer means having to have excellent heat dissapation. If my fans get dusty at all I have problems I never had with older single CPU boxes.

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