is it possible to have to operating systems on one laptop?

By ansocinski ·
How possible is it to have Windows 10 or 8 on a laptop with an option to switch a switch and change to Google Chrome os?
- the switch would be on the side and have a touchscreen
- you can transfer data between the two with a wire inside the computer
- each system would work perfectly fine and have separate storages
- use the same battery and screen
- the same keyboard just add some more keys and they might not work in the chrome mode or window mode depending who they are owned by
- same shell or frame thing
- wifi and brightness and settings stay different
- works like a normal one laptop but with the switch mode and extra keys etc

so how possible is this? can I make it? would I need to hire a professional? around how much might it cost? and how come this isn't a thing already I mean you could have to laptops but I personally think this would be way cooler! thanks for your time and knowledge wish you all well!

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Yes this is possible though not in the way you are asking about

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to is it possible to have to ...

It is called DUAL BOOTING where you have more than 1 OS installed on your computer and at the Boot time you get the option to chose which OS you boot the system into when you start it.

The requires different OS's to be installed on their own Partition and allowing the last OS installed to write the Boot Options in it's Loader so you can chose which OS to load.

However if your NB was originally sold with Chrome then it is likely that it will not be powerful enough to run any of the newer forms of Windows as Chrome requires far lass power to run that Windows so the hardware doesn't need to be as High Specification as a Android NB.

But none the less saying that I have seen Windows NB that take 25 minutes to load with Windows so it is all in the eyes of the user as to what they find acceptiable and what isn't.

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