Is it possible to have Vista and XP-SP2 machines in same network?

By nelsonjgil ·
I have tried. Yes, I might not be very proficient in networking, but I have set up both wired and wireless networks before and I thought I could. But actually, I haven?t been able to get my Vista based desktop and my XP-SP2 based laptop in the same network. Could any one help me? Thnx

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Need more info....

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Is it possible to have Vi ...

what is it doing?

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More Info...

by nelsonjgil In reply to Need more info....

Please see my reply below. Thanks for your interest.

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Well at first I thought Joke Question....

by CG IT In reply to Is it possible to have Vi ...

My second thought was Joke Question

third thought was I didn't have any problems.... must be a joke question.

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workgroup or domain?

by rt735 In reply to Well at first I thought ...

If you ARE in fact having issues we will need more information on your infrastructure.

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More Info

by nelsonjgil In reply to workgroup or domain?

The problem is in my home network. It's actually very simple. I have an ADSL modem/router to get to the internet. My desktop (Vista Home Ed)is hardwired to it and my lap-top (XP-SP2)connects to it via wireless. Both machines can access internet. I'm trying to share a printer (which is connected to my desktop)and some files between the two computers. I see my lap-top from the desktop, but can't access it. I don't see my desktop from my lap-top. What should I do? Thanks for your interest

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What are....

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to More Info

your settings in Network and Sharing Center. Make sure Vista is discoverable and is allowing printers to be shared. If you want to share other files you may need to change other settings. Here is a demo.

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