Is it possible to look at a GPS on a computer.

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If I had a GPS in my car, could I use a computer to look at where said GPS is? We are assuming that the GPS is transmitting a signal to the computer. However, would the microwave signals the GPS uses to communicate with satellites work with computers? Basically, can I be looking at my computer screen and seeing the location of a device with a GPS on my screen, whether it be 20 feet away or 20 miles? Thanks in advance for the answer.

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by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Is it possible to look at ...

Many businesses & government agencies install GPS tracking devices on their vehicles & equipment for tracking purposes. It can be useful for things such as clearing can determine which roads have already been cleared & how long before the plow reaches blocked roads.....things like that.

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Consider this one -

by T9RKELL In reply to Is it possible to look at ...

pocketfinder dot com

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Better use another USB GPS hardware or project your Phone GPS screen to PC

by chdchan In reply to Is it possible to look at ...

Whenever GPS for PC is concerned, the captioned are more viable. Otherwise you'll have to search for vehicle GPS hardware with a computer interface.

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GPS tracking systems

by mjd420nova In reply to Is it possible to look at ...

The kind of tracking system you're looking for is actually a combination GPS receiver with a data link to a cell phone link and the software for you to interpret and display the location data on an overlay of a map. They are available but are expensive.

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by Simply_Michael In reply to Is it possible to look at ...

yes it is possible after all GPS made for this.

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There are multiple solutions for GPS tracking you can use.

You can use any number of a solutions and services that will allow you to track your car, your PC, your, phone, your pets and your kids. Even your spouse or your boss if you are so inclined.

Here is one solution you can use, it is self-contained and does not require wiring into the vehicle.

Here is an article about tracking your car from
How To Track Your Vehicle on the Cheap**724/how-to-track-your-vehicle-on-the-cheap

In fact, there are entire companies, and websiters and devices devoted to exclusively tracking vehicles like this one from My Car Tracks:

GPS Locators for People, Pets and Vehicles‎
PocketFinder family of GPS locators helps you stay connected with People, Pets and Vehicles.

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Speaking of phone tracking software

by bolobola In reply to There are multiple soluti ...

Speaking of phone tracking software, I think of It is one very good application. allows positioning, monitoring functions on the phone. I am using it to track my son, I see clearly brought efficiency. By I can better manage the children.

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