Is it possible to rebuild a system retore point?

By jodezza ·
Is it possible to rebuild a system retore point?

What I mean is, say you manage to salvage a large system volume information file

ie, {ff0d8737-0a9c-11df-abbf-0019d145bd8f}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752}

but that is all you've got. Does anyone know how one might go about trying to recreate a system restore point from it.

Is this even possible or are there other files or data organisation that must be located too.

Sorry for the lack of info when I first posted.

Basically I have a Dell Dimension e520 running Vista home basic that has suffered the dreaded black screen of death.

I have seen several of these but generally managed to get some sort of response from the system.

In this case however all I get, no matter what bootup mode or options I try is a black screen with a movable mouse cursor. (No right click)

No keyboard no nothing.

Safe Mode (with networking, with command prompt, Vga Mode, last good config etc.

None of them do anything other than boot the system to the black screen.

I have been hunting around the registry using a BartPE disc and no luck. No shell problems initializing explorer.exe or anything. It really is very puzzling.

Also, the person who's machine it is turned off system restore a few weeks ago thus wiping the restore points. I have managed to salvage 3 'good ones' but am at a loss as to how this maye help me with the machine.

I have also attempted to get the resitry to fire up a program of any type from RunOnce but to no avail.

Anyone got any ideas where to go from here. Save all the data and reformat is always an option of mcourse but one I really would like to use as a last resort.



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Just wonderin'

by shasca In reply to Is it possible to rebuild ...

Where abouts did you salvage this file?
Where are you trying to apply this restore point?
Why do you assume this is a good and valid restore file.

Plus what are the system/s we are conversing about here??

do tell....

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It may be a little late now

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Is it possible to rebuild ...

but I'm of the understanding that a System Restore point isn't much more than a registry backup.

I backup up my registry monthly, to a flash drive.

I name my registry exports by date. They've come in handy a few times.

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