Is it possible to recover an XP Product Key from a recovery CD?

By Jeremypdx ·
I hve an Emachine computer and my system has crashed, all I have is the recovery disks not the actual XP disk. I have istalled XP using a friends disc but now I need to find my old Product Key, is there any way to get the key from the recovery discs??

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Is it possible to recover ...

no,keys are not on cd's

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Recovery Disks Product key

by Netverse In reply to Is it possible to recover ...

Well Jeremy, Not sure if you found your answer, but you get a key off the Emachines recovery disk, as I have on the T2800 series. Not only can you do that, you can revert, or convert the ntfs gho image to fat32 through manipulatation. On the XP installation Disks, you will find it in the Unattend.txt file. It is my understanding it may, or may not work, that it may be a Retail key, for OEM or something else. But on the Emachine disk, if you mount the image or just plain copy it to a separate partition for conversion, as I did. You will find the following, an \windows\i386 folder and a \sysprep folder, both with unattend.txt.
In my case, I found two keys. The one in the Sysprep folder worked for me. Keep in mind, if you boot the disk, press option 2 to boot to dos. If you partition your drive in two partitions using something like Ranish Partition manager, making the space about 2.5 gigs of the Image to be written on, then you can go to \tools on the Emachine disk, and type in GHOST and run GHOST from dos. I did all this, cause I needed to save my current XP on the first partition, and added a secound by resizing my partitions to allow for my image dump. With Nortons Ghost, you can dump the image to a Partiton and then view it. The \Sysprep folder contained the Key that worked for Emachines OEM, and the \i386\unattend.txt was the same on the GAteway disk, which didn't work. It is my understand it may work on a different Version, or not at all. I haven't tested it.
You also can download the Magic Jelly bean finder and find your on your current installed System. If you change your motherboard, as I did, you can still install XP using the \windows\i386 folder off the gho image. However, I down-graded my mother board to an older Emachine version, aa to escape the cost of a newer one. Regardless, I had to do the Image manipulation as explained in here. After copying my NTFS image to a fat32 partition, cause i didn't want NTFS, I used the builting i386 folder to perform an REPAIR/upgrade on the existing image copy, and that being the Drivers were all wrong for the motherboard, it re-installed everything in working order, and retain the Works/money/nortons software in working order.. So there you have it, product key, and conversion/ with a Clean Install from the i386 folder in the windows directory. AFter this, you should go to a website like BartsPE on how to make a bootable Installation disk, and pull your i386 folder off the installation. I, then recommend, integrating a service pack before burning it.

Anyone having any questions, feel free to ask.

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