Is it possible to repair a windows xp on a domain with a power user ?

By alfa1919 ·
I am working in a company. I am a power user and my usb port only for removable storage is access dinaied.The type of my hard drives is NTFS. I do not have my local admin password. i am really limited. So i am looking to find a solution to: 1-reach local admin password. 2-open my usb port for removable storage such as flash or external hard disk. if i repair my windows xp is it possible to do that without inform to our admin? Is here any body to help me? Please do not forget i tried a lot of solutions without result. safe mode bootable reset admin password CD and .....

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by patb071 In reply to Is it possible to repair ...

Maybe if you told us what the problem was other than tring t get around the policy we could help you out. For your next question just ask us how to "Crack the admin password" Need help? contact YOUR ADMINISTRATOR.

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could you help?

by alfa1919 In reply to Nope

i do not want to crack my admin. i am looking just for: 1-If i repair my win xp on domain my admin will understand or not? i need my local admin password.i think if i repair xp during this task i can change my local admin password. am i right or not?

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without inform to our admin?

by Kenone In reply to Is it possible to repair ...

inform to your admin is the way to go there sparky. definitely

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Have to agree

by dpalsen In reply to Is it possible to repair ...

I'll try to keep an open mind here, but I really HAVE to know...why are you trying so hard to do this without informing your admin if you're not just trying to crack the admin password?

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OS Repair

by IamL3G3ND In reply to Is it possible to repair ...

If you have access the computers CD Rom drive and that isnt locked down in bios you should be able to pop in a Windows XP disk,
- Boot to Disk
- Bring it all the way to reloading the OS
- then instead of running a new install, press "R" to repair the OS and its key files.

this will leave the comp on the domian, and should get you around those admin blocks,

HOWEVER note, you'll need to perform all windows updates again.

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by alfa1919 In reply to OS Repair

I can do this, but my question is this: If i repair my computer on domain my admin will understand or not? i need only my local admin password. if i repair i can change it? i do not like or try to hack my domain admin, only i am going to be admin on my computer because here all people are admin on their pc. i can not connect a flash or external hard disk to my computer. this is really bad for me.

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So, you are "working in a company"?

by Bizzo In reply to Is it possible to repair ...

Not for long buddy, not if you continue this way.

Why do you need to use a flash drive? Are you stealing company data?

I hope you get found out.

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no my friend

by alfa1919 In reply to So, you are "working in a ...

not my friend i do not do that. here is normal i have some files on my flash. i am not that you are thinking. could you help?

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The easiest way

by IC-IT In reply to no my friend

Is to explain to your administrator. If he or she wont help, then there are reasons your barred from using removable media.

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Is it possible to hack the company computer and not get fired?

by 1bn0 In reply to Is it possible to repair ...

Maybe, but I would suggest you don't ry to find out.

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