Is it possible to Share a Scanner over the Network?

By Dolphin111 ·
Hi! everyone, i would like to now if it is possible to share a Scanner over the network just like you share a printer, in order for all the networked computer to use it? I have a network with 20 PCs and a 3 in 1 HP 3030 Laser Jet. The printer is shared and works fine i would like to do that for the scanner as well, is it possible if so how do i do that?

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Yes it's possible

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is it possible to Share a ...

But it depends if the Scanner is Network Capable many of the new ones are not but when you look at things like the Old Umax 600 P/S they had software included that allowed you to share them across a network.

But honestly unless you where in the same room as the scanner it took longer to place the paper in the thing and then walk back to your computer and scan in from there. Even with a Sheet Feed on it it was slow to use though things like the Canon Image Runner Series do a better job of it now but being capable of scanning about 50 pages per minute you want to be fairly close to them or you'll be spending far more time walking to & from the unit to retrieve your papers.


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Yes. It should be possible.

by 1bn0 In reply to Is it possible to Share a ...

The HP3000 series mutli-functions should suppport network scanning. But, You need to install the client software (More than just the printer driver) at each computer.

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One Way

by TheChas In reply to Is it possible to Share a ...

One way to share just about any scanner is to dedicate a computer to the scanner.

In a small office with an all-in-one machine, you could also set up the computer to function as a print server.

Set up the computer with just a connection to a specific shared folder and map that as the default folder for storing scanned images.

Once you have everything working, you can lock down the computer as tight as possible to limit other usage of it.

Using a dedicated scanning computer will pay for the hardware cost in a few months since users will not have to walk over and place their document, go to their desk to scan, then come back and retrieve their document.

Using a shared folder for storing the scanned images will also limit inappropriate use of the scanner.


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Use RemoteScan to share a scanner on a network

by ssaroff In reply to Is it possible to Share a ...

The accepted way to be able to share any TWAIN or WIA compatible scanner on a LAN, and thus be able to scan directly into any local application from a scanner attached to another users PC, is to use the 3rd party application RemoteScan.

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if the unit is designed for it

by PC-guru In reply to Is it possible to Share a ...

there are a few multi fuctions that can such as the canon mx850

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by amms In reply to Is it possible to Share a ...

You can try Capturix Scanshare (, it works over the network with a browser. it also have OCR.

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