Is it possible to track an IP address?

By ndveitch ·
Hi there,

I have to ask a strange question, is it possible to trace an IP address of a user who has logged onto exchange remotely.

The reason for this question is, a user of mine unfortunately was robbed yesterday and his machine was stolen. At present he accesses his email via Entourage which uses the OWA address to get mail. I was thinking if the b@st3rds who stole his machine try to access his email, is there a way of tracing the IP address used to access his email account.

I know it is a long shot and my knowledge of Exchange is not that great, but if there is a way to track it I might be able to narrow down the area of where the machine might be.

Surely there is some record somewhere in the Exchange logs that says what user accessed their email and how they accessed it.

Or am I hoping against hope.

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