is it possible to upgrade my graphics card?

By yummypie ·
i have an hp slimline that has a 6150 nforce integrated graphics card and i want to upgrade to an 8800 geforce. i removed the motherboard and mostly all of the guts into a larger case so i had more room to work with the graphics card, and i had to leave a system fan as i also upgraded my power supply. so every time i boot my computer it says something like system fan removed, and i cant make any changes to my bios without it defaulting. is it possible to upgrade it?

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When you enter the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to is it possible to upgrade ...

And make changes you need to Save the Changes as you exit the BIOS. There should be a setting somewhere under Alarms that allows you to disable the Fan Alarm.

As for the Video Card it all depends on what you have got. You can not change the Chips soldered to the M'Board but you should be able to plug in a Video Card to a Socket on the M'Board.

As I have no idea what type of M'Board you have I have no idea what type of Video Card you'll need but just looking at the M'Board for a AGP, PCI or PCI eXpress Slot will tell you what type of Video Card you can use and then you'll need to look up and see if any manufacturer makes a 8800 geforce for your socket type. Here I'm assuming that you can use a full height Video Card but if you need a Slimline one they are made with a different Back Bracket which you can change for the Low Profile Cases. Of course if you have a Low Profile Case you'll need a Low Profile/Slim Line Video Card.

It's always possible however that you'll need to use a different Chip Set Video Card to a 8800 geforce though.


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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to When you enter the BIOS

If there is no BIOS option to disable the fan, then I would suggest just putting that fan in there somewhere.

Motherboard fan detection measures the RPM pulses from the fan itself, so you cannot just put a jumper or resistor on it to make that error go away. I suppose if you really had to, you could remove the frame and fan blade and just leave the little fan motor there buzzing along on the motherboard.

The other fix would be to pickup the fan-tachometer signal from another fan, but then you have to to make sure you get the right pins, feed it the right RPM pulse-rate, etc.

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