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    Is it possibly to do this with Windows 10?


    by andrewp565 ·

    So, Microsoft has a tool called the Media Creation Tool. This allows you to create iso’s from operating systems Windows 7 to Windows 10. The issue with the iso is that you cannot do an in-house upgrade, and have the ability to keep the programs. I’ve tried to do this with a bootable USB stick.

    I have converted the install.esd to install.wim and resaved the iso, but that did not help. I am working with a different version of windows 10, and am recreating it with that install.wim.

    Is it possible to do an in-house upgrade with a windows 10 iso? Because it seems like every time I try, I receive a compatibility report error telling me to remove the media and log in to the OS and then upgrade.

    Thank you.

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      by fwebutane ·

      In reply to Is it possibly to do this with Windows 10?

      Are you upgrading from Home to Pro or updating from an older version to the Fall Creators Update?

      If you use the media creation tool you can use it make make a bootable USB. There are options you can uncheck that will allow that USB to install Home or Pro, x86 or x64.

      You cannot upgrade outside of Windows. You need to be logged in. The USB that is created by the tool also has a Setup.exe file in the root that can be used to launch the upgrade.

      You can also mount the ISO and run the upgrade that way if you choose.

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