Is it possile that the 15 computer can access

By Mehal123 ·
Is it possile that the 15 computer can access one file at 1 time through network

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Eh ??...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is it possile that the 15 ...
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I think what he/she meant to say was...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Eh ??...

" Is it possible for 15 computers to access one file at a time".
The answer is: only if it is backed up and not the SAME file but a copy of the original. :)

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Make a database

by fox2002152003 In reply to I think what he/she meant ...

I suggest you have to make a SQL database or other database with regard what files is that. 15 users accessing a single file may cause conflict of updating the file.

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If you are asking

by OH Smeg In reply to Is it possile that the 15 ...

Can all 15 computers on the same LAN access a File at the same time the answer here is It Depends on what the File is and the Type of computer that it is housed on.

If it is on a Windows Desktop OS then your answer is a Most Defiant NO as Windows Desktop OS's have a upper limit of 10 Concurrent Connections for the Professional Versions and 5 for the Home Versions.

As to if 15 computers can access a file on a File Server with a Server OS running then in theory they can but here it depends on what is being done and what type of file it is.

But the easy answer in the case of a File that needs to be altered by several different people is no the file can not support 15 concurrent connections at the same time altering it.

You may get away with 15 Concurrent Connections in a Read Only File but anything else is begging for trouble.


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Sometimes. e.g. Excel , Shared Workbook.

by 1bn0 In reply to Is it possile that the 15 ...

A database application is the recommended way to share information among multiple users.

An Excel workbook can be shared for multiple user access.

Changes are updated for each user as they save the workbook.

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