Is it proper to ask for a raise via email?

By Cweb ·
My situation is my corporate HQ is in Orlando, FL and I work in Baltimore, MD. I never meet or see any of the people I work for. All of our communication is done through phone calls and email. My thought is a phone call would put my boss on the spot whereas an email would give him time to consider it.

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by JamesRL In reply to Is it proper to ask for a ...

You can send an email to make a time when you and your boss can discuss your career.

But some things are best done face to face, and by phone is second to that. By phone it is a discussion, by email it could be seen as an ultimatum. Because email does not convey tone of voice, it is easy to come across in an unintended way by email.


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Good point.

by Cweb In reply to No

Face to face isn't an option. But sending an email to set up a time to discuss it on the phone sounds proper.

I was thinking just the opposite, a phone call was an ultimatum. Requiring an instant decsion. But I see your point, often an email comes across much stronger and in a different tone than originally intended.

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Keep "fair" out of it

by jdclyde In reply to Good point.

When you go for this raise, why do you think you deserve it?

Is it just because of the passing of time?

Have you done beyond the scope of your job?

What are your accomplishments? Make a list and have it sitting in front of you while your talking. WAYYYYY to easy to blank out during the talk.

Practice the talk with a friend ( NOT a co-worker!) so you have rehearsed what it is you wish to say and how you wish to say it.

Have your friend smack you everytime you say "um". If they are a good friend, they will.

Good luck.

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"UMmmmm" ......OUCH !!!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Keep "fair" out of it

S'pose your my friend now . . .

<Edited due to reticent Smiley>

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Good advice

by LocoLobo In reply to Keep "fair" out of it

The last time I had an interview a friend did that for me. No he didn't smack me. We went through a list of possible questions, every time I said "umm" or "er" we stopped and started the question over from the beginning. I didn't realize how bad I was until then.

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No +

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is it proper to ask for a ...

Not only is JamesRL's stance spot-on, if you think about it: given that tone of voice, intonation and general body language will all be missing from your email, - while you are sitting waiting for your boss to reply, he may be sitting considering how to replace you with a less expensive model.

Face-to-face is the only way, and if there has been a long passage of time it is only proper and correct that you have the opportunity for an eyeball meeting.

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Good points

by Cweb In reply to No +

But as I mentioned face to face isn't an option. However the first part is well put

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by drowningnotwaving In reply to Is it proper to ask for a ...

When you've taken the chequebook, changed the PIN number on the corporate bank account and are sitting on a beach in a different hemisphere, drinking Pina Coladas with someone who answers to Latoya.

Why bother with phones? Just send an email with your demands.

Good luck :)


I am sure you really knew, in your heart if not in your head, the answer to your question long before you hit the submit button.

Dude, go to a management book store and buy any one of 1,000+ titles on "Asking For a Raise", "Getting your True Value", "Managing your Manager" or similar titles.

Why do you need to learn this? Because the fundamental premise in your question means you have this completely around the wrong way.

Start reading from Page 1, and come back with questions for clarification.

If your raise is not worth that investment of money and time, then you can probably guess what your chances of getting a raise are.

So get off your *** and go do it. Now, seriously, good luck!

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I took your advice

by Cweb In reply to Is it proper to ask for a ...

I emailed a request to speak with the COO to discuss my career (that was all I said). He called me about 5 min later with the assumption that I was quitting. I explained I wasn't but wanted to discuss a raise. We had a pleasant talk (totally different from what I was expecting)and he agreed with with my request. In fact it went so easy I am left wondering did I ask for too little of a raise?
Thank you all for your advice

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by Bizzo In reply to I took your advice

If only everything was that easy! :-)

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