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Is it safe doing Internet banking on an unsecured network?

By Healer ·
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Since Internet banking is always on a https protocol, I wonder if it is safe to work on an unsecured network? I am somewhat concerned when I have to do it in a public library or somewhere with free Wi-Fi when I have no alternative choice.

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You always have a choice

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is it safe doing Internet ...

And by it's very nature Convenient is not Secure never has been never will be.

Internet Banking is Inherently Insecure and Unsafe.

By adding in a Unsecured Public LAN you are just further into the BullSh1t of having some form of security. I just ask you would you walk down the street with a Transparent Briefcase full of 1000 $ Notes?

If you wouldn't do that why would you access Internet Banking where you have no cover and a Unsecured Device to access the Bank On let alone a Unsecured network.

Banks only offer Security over their losses and as a result just maybe a loss you may incur. But if for instance your computer was infected and it resulted in a Infection of the Bank then you have no cover and quite likely would be responsible for the Banks Loss. It doesn't matter if that infection comes from your computer or if it is infected by a Public Hot Spot it's your responsibility to secure your device and as the OS Maker will not tell you what really is required you may as well drop your draws stick your head between your legs and Kiss your ASS goodbye.


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The risk is not the network, it is the device

by robo_dev In reply to Is it safe doing Internet ...

A public WiFi is no less unsafe than the Internet itself. HTTPS is still considered to be secure.

The biggest risk would be to use a computer at the library where somebody has installed a keystroke logger or other malware. Or if your PC is not secure, and connecting to a fake access point exposes it to attack/exploitation.

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