Is it safe to Upgrade Windows XP Media Center to XP Pro??

By pr0t31n_w13 ·
Is it safe to Upgrade Windows XP Media Center to XP Pro??

Do I must reinstall all drivers and program that was on Media Center?


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It is safe

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Is it safe to Upgrade Win ...

It is safe as alot of the component in xp pro are in media centre but you will loose media centre funtionality

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Never done it myself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Is it safe to Upgrade Win ...

but I've heard reports of problems with XP's networking side of things afterwords.
Personally I'd back up my data, wipe and start again. MS's track record on managing dlls etc through upgrades is less than brilliant.

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Same underlying OS

by cfdnecr82 In reply to Is it safe to Upgrade Win ...

XP MCE is Windows XP Pro with the Media components added on.

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not exactly

by w2ktechman In reply to Same underlying OS

Media center is more like an in between from home/pro for networking and less than both for other items, and it adds the extra media components.

To answer the original question, I have not tried. I would take Tony's suggestion, back it up or ghost it, then try the upgrade. I dont trust upgrades much, but it is essentially the same OS with minor changes.

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unless you need to join the machine to a domain

by CG IT In reply to Is it safe to Upgrade Win ...

I'd leave media center in there. That's the only "upgrade" benefit you'll get between Media Center and Pro.

Wait until Vista for consumers comes out before upgrading. Vista Ultimate has many of the media center gadgets.

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Did you just

by w2ktechman In reply to unless you need to join t ...

tell someone to move to Vista???

How unprofessional of you.

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Domain Joining only advantage of XPP

by 1bn0 In reply to Did you just

I have been researching this for a client. He wants to buy a new notebook. I have found a good deal but it includes XP MCE. From the research I have done Domain Joining is the ONLY thing you will gain and you WILL lose functionallity from MCE. Unless you are using the machine in an environment wher the machine MUST BE A MEMBER OF A DOMAIN to access server resources, I dont think the upgrade will be of any advantage to you.

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