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Is IT still worth it?

By hswart ·
I am working for a chemical company in SA. I am the network admin. and have been working for them for 2 and a half years now. My job function covers mostly all IT aspects. I am one of those all-in-one IT guys, you know admin. the net, do support, do cabling and so on. My concern is that when I started here, there was a lot of challenges and I was busy for most of the day. I have now reached a point where everything is running smoothly and there is hardly any work. The last couple of months has been very slow seeing that there are no problems. We have a consultant that comes here once a week to check how things are going and to implement solutions. Even he hasn't got a lot to do. What do you recon I do from this point on? Do I make work for myself or do I search for another job? And is it worth to still work as a net admin in an IT career?

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I understand

by Black Panther In reply to Is IT still worth it?

When I started in my current position the systems were a mess. Now I have some free time ( just as you have ) as you have been efficient.

Some people are always in-efficient, and hence they always have something to do ( as they either make sure they never catch up or only do the things they have to do ) whilst some take on a position and are efficient and get to the stage where you have got to.

What you may find that even if do find something else because of your characteristics you may find yourself in the same predicament ie you become so efficient you almost put yourself out of a job. Many other colleques do not see this and you will find them saying that you do nothing because they themselves are so in-efficient they are always busy.

Decide whether changing jobs is the real answer, or in fact the company iself is the problems and not progessing fast enough to challenge you.

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Now is the time

by Roger99a In reply to Is IT still worth it?

This is a good opportunity to spend work time teaching yourself new stuff. Setup a test lab and experiment with new software or services. teach yourself Linux or Cisco or anything else you would like to know. Go hang with the department managers and get familiar with their jobs so you can come up with creative ways to make their departments more efficient. Your whole job isn't about fixing stuff. It's also about inventing new ways to do things better.

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I agree...

by ATXStranger In reply to Now is the time

Now would be a great time to work with the business leaders and change your role from being just the IT guy to becoming a part of the business strategy. Work with people in the company and see what you can do to help them, probably things they don't even know you can do.

Definitly be creative and let your mind stretch to new possibilities. Make sure you are looking to doing things that would help the company increase revenue not just cut costs. A little imagination and the right technology can really go a long way.

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Knowledge is power

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Now is the time

I was in a similar situation in a development shop. Not being one to sit around doing nothing, I decided to get a few books and learn some new skills. However, like anything, ?use it or lose it?. This means that once a new skill is learned find an application for it at your current position and use it.

This also has the added benefit where you can be the Guru, which won?t make you immune to layoffs, will make them think about it. Of course, if they do let you go do not explain how things work. After all, you invested your time and money in training materials, they can do the same.

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by ccthompson In reply to Is IT still worth it?

I was in the same situation you were in, came into the company, system was a complete disaster. Got everything running as smooth as silk. Now what to do?

Take some time and document everything you did to fix the system. Also, document IP address for servers, routers, switches, ect... Services, application locations. Active Directory settings, and so on..

That will keep you busy for months. But the way I look at it is, documentation is just a side job. Like the other posts say, get with some of the top guys and get an idea of what they do on a daily basis, and develop a plan to make that faster.

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You Bet It's Worth It

by DMambo In reply to Is IT still worth it?

Force a change in your role. You can't have a situation where everything is perfect. Do users need additional training?? Are there any applications that might solve a business problem?? Is your security airtight?? The MUST be something that can improve. Determne what you're most interested in and what will help your business and find where these intersect. A lot can be done with a minimal investment of money.

From my persective, IT is a much better career than my previous gig. I'm also a one-man shop. I moved from mfg mgt (the boss of the field hands)into the IT spot. No more personnel evals, no more being the arbitor of interpersonnel disputes. No boss on-site looking over my shoulder. Headaches? Sure! But the grass is definitely greener over here. Focus on the positives and look to make your little geek world even better!!!! (Look around in other threads at how many folks are laid-off, downsized, under-employed, etc. Count your blessings, my friend.)

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is it worth it?..

by frewsteve In reply to You Bet It's Worth It

how about building a test server load it tweak it,redo it again,learn,pratice pratice pratice,linux,honeypots,mailserver ect.just having everything running ok isnt the only answer,rember everything was perfect on the titanic. if you have a good gig make your self indespensable you may find that somthing you learn will help you down the road

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