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    is it test case or test scenario??


    by kehogan ·

    I have been in debates over what these mean. I feel like a test case is actually what function is going to be tested. So a test case would be to test that Component A creates new users.

    A test Scenario would be to test that component A creates mutliple types of users. so it really considers the data being passed to it.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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      You can define your terminology

      by marco schumacher (at biznesslegion) ·

      In reply to is it test case or test scenario??

      Having defined development processes for many organizations, I can tell you that there is no commonly accepted terminology for testing. The various books and company preferences differ.

      So I’d recommend to always define your terms. What terms you use is secondary to having an agreed, systematic approach to testing. Giving examples usually helps (people will say “Ah, that’s what you mean. I would call that a ‘whatever'”).

      You are right that it is important to distinguish:
      – types of tests (aka test case in your wording), like “Create users” and
      – instances of the test data to cover those types of tests(aka test scenario in your wording), like “Create user with name ‘TestOne’ and type ‘Administrator'”.

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