Is it the Motherboard?

By dinkey ·
Got a hp desktop with a MS-7778 Jasmine motherboard. PC was doing updates then afterward no video. Tried the no power push the power button, reset but still all I get is fans spin up, no video, no post beeps, nothing. I've tried new memory, video card, CPU, even took the board out of case, tried resetting CMOS, same results. Ordered another Motherboard and have the exact same problem as above. On both boards if the memory is removed that is the only time I get a beep. Was told by the Tech Dept of the company I ordered the board from that everything pointed bad memory. Any ideas?

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Start with the Power Supply

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Is it the Motherboard?

All you are getting is only saying that part of the Power Supply is working and in no way implies that it is all working correctly.

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Hal's got it covered.

by mjd420nova In reply to Is it the Motherboard?

The PS is usually two sections of major importance. Five volts for the logic and twelve volts for the drives and plugin cards needing more power than they can get from the slot alone. When the video card refuses to start, neither will the CPU.

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