Is it too risky to hire a developer to create an app for me?

I have a brilliant app idea. It could be extremely fruitful and interactive for all users and companies looking to advertise and participate in community events. I want to make this app and start this journey. However I do not fully understand where or how to start. I’m tied between taking a huge leap and quitting my job and going to school to learn app development and all the legalities, or, hiring a developer to help me create it. I’m not sure if hiring someone is a safe idea, and I’m also not sure if quitting what I’ve worked so hard to achieve, is a smart idea. Ultimately I deeply enjoy my current career. But I feel this app could be a major key for me and so many other people to be able to achieve their dreams. Im not asking for the exact answer because I don’t think there’s an exact answer. Ultimately I’m looking for advise, from people with experience in the app development industry and anyone who has made their app dreams become reality, on what they think the best approach for me would be. And, like the title question asks, is hiring a developer safe? Biased or unbiased, shoot away!

Thank you,

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You would need one

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Is it too risky to hire a ...

Unless you can develop yourself, you will need one. I would suggest you make sure to have a contract in place that was created by a lawyer before looking for a Mobile app developer.

- Tammy :-)

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Thank You

by dalton_christensen In reply to You would need one

Excellent advice :)

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i can help you

by mahil1 In reply to Is it too risky to hire a ...

There is no need to quit your job, you can hire a developer or even a team of developers who can work for you.
Keep in mind, ask the developers to sign a non-disclosure agreement and please don't hire freelancers. Most of the freelancers are cheaters.
I have a renowned app development company, you can search excellent web world on google.
here is my email id, let me know if you need help:

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Please Do

by dalton_christensen In reply to i can help you

mahil1, thank you for offering you’re assistance and recommending your team. I’d like to talk to you about it. Your email ID is isn’t visible to me

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50:50 chances it's safe.

by Alexa M In reply to Is it too risky to hire a ...

Hey, Dalton!

You seem pretty enthusiastic about the idea and it's a good thing but you have to know product development requires a lot of planning, learning, coordinating etc.

My first advice would be: Don't quit your job. Hire someone who'll do it for you.

Hm.. when it comes to choosing between freelancers and development teams, I would say go with the development team. I don't want to get too much into details why since I work for a development company and there is no need for promotion. :)

Just keep in mind that teams usually have more experience and have been building apps for multiple industries. Also, in most cases, teams are more committed to the work.

Actually, I recently wrote an article about how top mobile developers work -, maybe you'll find it useful.

Final tip: Before you hire anyone, ask around about developers and development teams. Not just for a couple of days. Really ask around. Also, be sure to hire someone/a team who is (very) familiar with the design (UX and UI) or has a team of designers. An app has to work but it also has to be pleasant to look at. :)

- Alexa

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Expert Software Developers

by andimatthews In reply to Is it too risky to hire a ...

I come across this question on a fairly regular basis and can give the following advice:

Unless you want to change career and become a software developer I would not advise quitting your job. I am a huge believer in focus wins and if your passion is the end application and promoting this, this is where I would focus your attention. An app will not sell itself, nor will your business and so this is where you should focus your attention.

With regards to getting the app developed, I would strongly advise engaging with a bespoke software development company. They should be experts in guiding in you in the right direction and on subjects such as intellectual property, UI / UX design and if they're really good, supporting you with life after delivery such as maintenance and support. One company that provides an all-encompassing service is this team of awesome software developers

I would be more than happy to discuss this further and point you in the right direction.

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IT Development Experts

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