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Is it too soon for Windows 7

By SystemCheck ·
Is it too soon for IT to switch company over to windows 7 or is everyone still with XP?

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yes and no - some are staying with XP some are going to Win 7

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Is it too soon for Window ...

and some a going to Linux or Unix. A lot will depend upon core business software and how much the business can afford to spend.

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the ability

by SystemCheck In reply to yes and no - some are sta ...

this question i ask is in question to our ability to now get pc with xp still installed on while keeping the price affordable as xp machines are becoming scarce.

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If you have VLK for XP

by seanferd In reply to the ability

You can just transfer XP to the new machines, as long as the hardware is sufficiently supported.

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You may wish to check the consumer laws in your area, as

by Deadly Ernest In reply to the ability

much of the MS EULA is not legal in most jurisdictions. I have heard that in some US states you can not lawfully transfer the software licence from one machine to another, but in most it is lawful to do so. Check your state laws, and all you may need to do is delete the XP from the old machines and install it on the new machines. One problem with this is if you buy Dell or HP systems, you may have some problems with drivers for some of hardware they put in their systems that come from unusual suppliers. But if you buy systems put together in a shop from basic industry standard components, you shouldn't have any troubles.

Here in Australia the consumer laws allow me to transfer the licence to any machine I want, it also allows me to sell the licence to another person - the only thing I MUST do is to delete the copy off the original system before I transfer it.

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That goes for anything American

by Oz_Media In reply to You may wish to check the ...

American corporations try to copyright their products and intellectual property. Which isn't applicable in most other countries, whether music, movies, OS licences etc.

They even try to bully other nations into compliance.

The US legislature even tried to threaten imposing trade sanctions on European countries who would not use Parliment to control police action.

It's too typical, "we don't allow it so you better not allow it either!"

It's as if they expect every country to change laws, over govern and restrict the freedoms of their citizens, just because the US does to American citizens.

If they want a global market, that's fine. If they want to control a global market in the process, they are going to be quickly dismissed as they are not the world police, well...only in their own minds anyway.

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no arguement from me on that one on trade agrrements - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to That goes for anything Am ...


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Windows 7

by nole92 In reply to Is it too soon for Window ...

Windows 7 is a big improvement over Vista, which isn't saying too much. It might be better to wait until the first service pack because switching over. For a comparison of computers with Windows, check out

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Sp1 is said to be no bg deal worth waiting for.

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows 7

Any patches for exploits are already addresses by updating.

According to ZDNet and Tom's Hardware Guide; There will be very minor tweak changes and upgrades such as support for USB 3.0.

A business considering a Win7 rollout probably would be ready to do so until SP1 is released anyway because of the time it takes to test and implement such a change.

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Windows 7

by gbuseman In reply to Sp1 is said to be no bg d ...

I have been running Win7 for some time now, although there is a slight learning curve, it runs faster then XP. But to move a large XP base may be difficult. It might be bast to move small departments at a time.

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If that works, of course

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows 7

Something lke tat is really company dependant, not OS dependant.

As you noted, there is a bit of a learning curce. For other readers I think its important to note that the learning curve would be more towards learning new features that increase proudtivity and getting USED to the new productivity features in the sense of shorter ways to do the same simple tasks.

It took me a bit to remember, 'Oh yeah, I can just do THAT now', instead of the additional steps it used to take...which are still available if you prefer doing things that way. The thing I like is that there are several ways to do the same thing, depending on how you are most comfortable.

A department rollout, if your organization can use multiple versions in concert, is a good idea. Firstly, it allows you to focus on a smaller group, secondly it allows you to work out any possible legacy software bugs without making it a sitewide issue.

Another benefit of course would be financial, in the sense of perhaps newer hardware, licence costs etc.

Either way, it does play very nicely with others and I don't think it's really the big deal that people expect from such a change.

I've done a couple of upgrades, I cerefully planned and thought it out, held my breath and went to it, seems I was more worked up about it than I needed to be. It's just like installing another app upgrade, you just throw it in and off they go.

So far NO complaints and nothing but benefits. I can't speak for everyone but it seems that all over the Net, everyone that has actually done it has found the same. Crossed fingers and cautiously moved forward only to find out it was no big deal at all and worked fantastic.

It is the way Windows should go, but has always been problematic in the past.

As I've said many times, I feel they have finally done it right this time and typical fears, due to issues in the past, just don't seem to arise now.

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