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Is it true??

By gadagraju ·
Is it true that when a dsl modem connected to a router, the download speed ll be more when compared to just connecting with only modem.
Because i have a router. Is it good if i connect it to router??
Thank you

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From my experience...

by wanttocancel In reply to Is it true??

I didn't see an increase in speed when I had DSL and connected it to a router.

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Connection Speed

by TheChas In reply to Is it true??

This is one of those things that causes confusion when using a router or networked connection.

When you connect your computer directly to your DSL modem, when you look at the connection icon, it displays the actual speed of the connection between the computer and the modem. This is the actual connection speed. It is the fastest rate at which you can transfer data with your connection.

Whne you connect the DSL (or cable) modem to a router and then connect your computer to the LAN side of the router, what is displayed for the connection icon is the LAN speed.

The LAN connection speed will almost always be faster than the modem output speed.

But, the speed at which you can transfer data to ro from the Internet is LIMITED by your connection speed.

Once you are connected through a router, the only way to verify your actual connection speed is to check the packet transfer rate from a local web server.

The actual time it takes for a download to complete depends on the speed of the connection from the source server, the speed of any intermediary servers, and the amount of traffic through those servers.

Further, the quality of the connections between the source server and your computer can affect the number of lost or corrupt packets. The higher the packet loss rate, the longer it takes to download a file.

Bottom line, you should not expect any increase in the actual connection speed by installing a router. If it takes 1 minute to download a 1 MB file now, it will still take 1 minute to download the same file if you install a router.


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