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Is it worth changing job ?

By Orr_Yes ·

I live and work in a remote corner of the country (employed in a reputed corporation at the entry-level IT-managerial position, after spending 9 years in tech).

Now I am seriously thinking about taking up a different job (within a year or two) in a big city so that I could do Part-time MBA in a reputed university (TOP 10). Is it worth leaving this job for this reason? I do have a university nearby, but not so reputed

Any experiences/ advice would really help.

Thank you in advance

Orr Yes

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by FaisalMasood In reply to Is it worth changing job ...

Having a degree from a top university will give a big boost to your career later if not immediately. If you stay on current job, start degree with nearby varsity, you might not be in a good position.

You may never know when this company will cut their jobs. So better plan for your career growth besides some other moderate job.

Eventually you have to weigh the merits / de-merits of loosing this job & going some where else.

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by geeksquad In reply to Is it worth changing job ...


I've lived in every corner of the country, and let me tell you, chicago is a great place to be. It may not be the hottest For technology (it is up there), but with your experience any large company would hire your in a heartbeat. The schools nearby are great Northwestern, Loyola, Depaul, University of Chicago (Einstein's alma mater) and IIT. The winter isn't that bad,the people aren't fake like the west coast and aren't rude like the east coast. I plan on staying here and raising a family

Check it Out

Go SOX!!

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While this is an old discussion, and the poster is long gone

by jdclyde In reply to Is it worth changing job ...

It is still worth pointing out that you get a degree so you can get a job.

If you already HAVE a job, leaving that job to get the degree that helps you get a job is kind of silly. (silly is the kindest word I could think of).

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by HumZ2 In reply to While this is an old disc ...

Ambition is implied in the pursuit of an MBA, and the unwritten truth about remote office entry level IT job is that they're a dead end position. So it becomes a question of whether the short term pain is justified for the long term gain - presuming the economy ever rebounds - as opposed to staying put risking a layoff.

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